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New Gold Scholarships move beyond financial support

A unique new scholarship from the University of Bath gives students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to build social and cultural capital as well as offering increased financial support during their studies.

Online unit evaluations are opening

Please encourage your students to complete their Semester 2 unit evaluations.

Business students need new perspective not new framework

Two current students on our MSc in Sustainability & Management pose the question: Can we talk about business ethics being as important as business economics as part of a management degree?

Women in Leadership course is 'challenging & refreshing'

This will be the first programme of its kind to run out of the University's new London facility in Pall Mall.

First Modern Building Design MOOC a success

Over 4,600 learners from across the world signed up to take part in a new and free online course delivered by the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering.

DCarb students from Engineering & Design share insights

Our students from the CDT in Decarbonisation of the Built Environment blog about what they are up to - from outreach to research projects.

CLT Launch + Lunch: Thu 4 May

Come & meet reps of the four teams within the Centre for Learning & Teaching at the official launch

Chancellor's Prize for best undergraduate

Please nominate exceptional finalists for this year's Chancellor's Prize by noon on Tuesday 2 May

Association of MBAs (AMBA) reaccredits our MBA for five years

The AMBA panel praised the School of Management for its research strength; the unity of the senior management team; the strong pastoral care given to MBA students; and the national & gender diversity of MBA students.

Matching autistic people with technology resources

Mark Brosnan discusses some of the challenges and solutions for parents and carers of autistic people, and shares more about the course Smart-ASD: Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources.

Wellies at the ready: Team building in the wilderness

Alison Ryder and Megan Stalker sum up CSCT Cohort 2016's three-day team building residential at Magdalen Farm where they experienced a diverse landscape, connected with nature and learnt from sustainable living.

A semester abroad in Brisbane, Australia

Third-year Chemical Engineering student Nicky Morris is spending the semester at the University of Queensland.

Bath MBAs explore projects & internships with businesses

Bath MBA students do five projects during their course; up to three of these are consultancy projects for organisations.

Bringing the stock market to campus

Over 120 University of Bath students experienced what it’s like to work in the financial markets at a training course delivered by Amplify Trading.

Developing engaged curricula: 5 Apr

LITEbox workshop will showcase tech-facilitated student engagement with external publics at Bath & beyond

Local Year 9 students study languages at university

Students from three local secondary schools recently descended on campus to see what it’s like to study languages at university.

Winning student video: 'What is Engineering?'

Students were tasked to create a short, educational video to inform school children of what engineering is.

Futures Day inspires Year 8 & 9 students

Local students attend Futures Days to help plan their Key Stage 4 options and future career pathways.

Signpost your students to the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is launching new drop-in times to offer further support during lunch time periods

Tech Enhanced Learning Survey: results & action plan

During the summer/autumn of 2016, academic staff in the Faculty of Engineering & Design completed a Technology Enhanced Learning survey to inform planning so the Faculty Learning Technologists can better support teaching staff.