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France has not escaped Marine Le Pen just yet: CNN

Aurélien Mondon, senior lecturer in French and comparative politics, writes for CNN about the French elections.

Why Brexit will bring a boom in lobbying

An article co-authored by Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong (School of Management) has been published on The Conversation.

Aurelien Mondon appears on Australian ABC TV

Dr Aurelien Mondon (PoLIS) discusses the French election.

The secrets of writing a political manifesto

Professor Nick Pearce (Director of the Institute for Policy Research) has been interviewed by BBC Radio 4.

Death in the age of Facebook: CNET

Our experts from CDAS comment on new etiquettes for mourning in the landscape of social media

Can Labour party rise to task of challenging Brexit?

Nick Pearce, Director of IPR, writes for New Statesman: Without strong parliamentary leadership and clearer direction from Labour, a broad-based challenge to hard Brexit will be impossible.

The Virgil Building: official opening today

The Bath Chronicle covers our city centre facility ahead of our official opening event this afternoon

Ri Impact Report on Saiful Islam's Christmas Lectures

The Royal Institution analyses the reach of the 2016 Christmas Lecture series

Social workers can heal society's deep divisions

Professor Anna Scheyett, Dean of the University of Georgia School of Social Work, writes for The Guardian after attending our Social Work Conference in London.

Protests won’t topple Putin but Kremlin is right to be worried

J. Paul Goode, Senior Lecturer in Russian Politics, writes for The Conversation.

Accessible, engaging textbooks could improve learning

Lizzi Milligan, Lecturer in International Education, writes for The Conversation.

Europe’s mafia clans: young guns with deadly results

Dr Felia Allum, Senior Lecturer in Italian & Politics, writes for The Conversation.

Aurelien Mondon: French National Front has been "very clever"

Aurelien Mondon comments in an article on The Daily Beast titled: "Who the hell would vote for Marine Le Pen?"

Phishing scams are becoming ever more sophisticated

Research Fellow Emma Williams (Psychology) has co-authored an article on cyber security for The Conversation.

Brexit’s global spillover: trade, aid & migration

Dr Maria Garcia (PoLIS) was commissioned to write an article on impacts of Brexit on third parties for the International Peace Institute's Global Observatory.

It’s not what sport kids play but how they play it that matters

A new Conversation article from PhD Researcher Ioannis Costas Batlle (Education).

Roller derby is mashing up gender norms in sport – here’s how

Simone Fullagar, Professor in Sport & Physical Cultural Studies writes for The Conversation

A new way to teach children about eating disorders

Dr Emma Rich & Professor Simone Fullagar (Health) coauthor an article for The Conversation UK

IPR: Labour’s weakness leaves Tories free to do as they please

An article by Professor Nick Pearce, Director of IPR, that first appeared in the Financial Times.

Dons of a different kind – THE features Felia Allum (POLIS)

John Elmes, fron the THE, interviews our academic researching the Camorra about Kalashnikovs and pizza, investigating a closed community, and how she stays safe.