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How we discovered how ‘galactic fountains' were powered

Stephen Hamer, Postdoctoral Researcher of Astrophysics, writes for The Conversation.

Human evolution is still happening – possibly faster than ever

Professor Laurence Hurst, from the Milner Centre of Evolution, writes for The Conversation.

Johnny Gorman features on Sky Sports

Former Northern Ireland international Johnny Gorman has spoken about combining his football career with studying psychology, making his Northern Ireland debut at 17, and coming up against Andrea Pirlo on Sky Sports.

Cosmic fountains on BBC Science In Action

Dr Stephen Hamer speaks on Science in Action about galactic fountains.

Alan Turing: the only choice for the £50 note

Dr Kit Yates writes for The Conversation, explaining why Alan Turing is the only choice for the £50 note.

Derek Bolton (PoLIS) talks to the BBC about the US Midterms

Derek Bolton (PoLIS) talks about the US Midterm Elections for the BBC on BBC Radio Bristol.

Blueprint by Robert Plomin: could be a gift for far-right

Eric Joyce, Doctoral Candidate in Education, writes for the conversation.

Bill Durodié on ABC on Keeping Calm and Carrying on

Bill Durodié explains that evidence points to 'a considerable degree of coping with extreme adversity'.

Electricity: the new medicine

Dr Benjamin Metcalfe, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, writes for The Conversation.

How will Brexit impact the UK’s international status?

Dr Wali Aslam, Senior Lecturer in International relations in the Department of Politics writes for CGTN.

Dramatic galaxy collision filled the Milky Way with stars

Dr Victoria Scowcroft writes for The Conversation.

Dr Felia Allum on Last Half Hour: Naples

Dr Felia Allum appears on Last Half Hour to talk about Naples.

Ocean Cleanup won’t turn a profit, but we should still do it

Peter King, studying for a PhD in Economics, writes for the Conversation.

Do Family Interventions for Psychosis Translate in China?

Auschwitz and anti-racism: the past (and racism) is another country

Dr Aurelien Mondon, along with Aaron Winter from UEL, writes about UK racism, anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia.

Dr Fairchild - Nobody can win in the trade war game

Dr Richard Fairchild writes for CGTN.

Fiona Gillison (Health) for The Conversation on tackling childhood obesity

Dr Fiona Gillison writes for The Conversation on why sending parents letters to fight childhood obesity doesn’t work

BAFTA-nominated ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ returns

The heart-warming C4 programme returns bringing together old and young in an experiment to tackle social isolation which involved Professor Malcolm Johnson.

Dr Hamilton-Giachritsis on scary TV for kids

Dr Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis (Dept of Psychology) on scary TV for kids in advance of Dr Who coming back on our screen.

Professor Brad Evans published in the LA Review of Books

Professor Brad Evans has had an article entitled “Wounds in Time: Why we Need Rothko More than Ever” published.