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Dr Richard Watermeyer on measuring research impact

Dr Watermeyer from the Department of Education, talks about how the Research Excellence Framework assesses the impact of academic research in the UK.

Drs Richard Fairchild & Ru Xie: US-EU trade war: Everybody loses!

Revenge, retaliation, and emotions: How do you win a trade war?

AI bots trained for 180 years a day to beat humans at Dota 2

Andreas Theodorou talks to The Verge about bots built by the research lab OpenAI

Dr Laura Smith in The Conversation

Refugee crisis: the immediate and lasting impacts of powerful images

Michele Meo on windowless planes on BBC Radio Somerset

Professor Michele Meo’s recent appearance on BBC Radio Somerset

Dr Paul Kennedy (PoLIS) on political shifts in Spain

Foreign investment is no easy fix for Africa’s energy needs

George Newth in The Conversation on Italy's Northern League

Childish Gambino: political pop music despite censorship

Matt Alford from PoLIS writes in The Converastion and Independent

Dr Piotr Ozieranski (SPS) on UK’s drug evaluation system

Dr Ozieranski comments on whether the approval process for new drugs is up to scratch

Dr Ferrero (PoLIS) podcast for ABC Australia

'Latin America makes a right turn'

ABC Radio: Professor Alison Walker interview

D-Notice committee issue two notices over Skripal

'Spinwatch' reveals that the Skripal affair has resulted in the issuing of not one but two 'D-Notices' to the British media

BBC R4 Prof Nick Pearce (IPR): The Briefing Room

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) on Radio 4’s The Briefing Room discussing what goes on in the Home Office

Prof. Dylan Thompson on 'The Truth About Obesity'

Professor Dylan Thompson from the Department for Health speaks to BBC 1's 'The Truth About Obesity'

Prof Edmund Keogh: Sex and gender differences in pain

Professor Edmund Keogh from the Dept of Psychology talks to the Pain Research Forum about gender differences in pain

World-class systems rather than world-class universities

Focusing scarce national resources on world-class universities is leading to greater inequality in higher education within countries and between countries

How antique buildings can be energy efficient

San Anton palace to serve as guide on how antique buildings can be energy efficient

Athletics research from Dr Aki Salo in The Telegraph

Why sprinting on the inside track could cost athletes a medal

Prof Sam Akehurst on the future of pistons and piston rings

Sam Akehurst comments on the future of pistons and piston rings in Engine Technology International magazine