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Prof Edmund Keogh: Sex and gender differences in pain

Professor Edmund Keogh from the Dept of Psychology talks to the Pain Research Forum about gender differences in pain

World-class systems rather than world-class universities

Focusing scarce national resources on world-class universities is leading to greater inequality in higher education within countries and between countries

How antique buildings can be energy efficient

San Anton palace to serve as guide on how antique buildings can be energy efficient

Athletics research from Dr Aki Salo in The Telegraph

Why sprinting on the inside track could cost athletes a medal

Prof Sam Akehurst on the future of pistons and piston rings

Sam Akehurst comments on the future of pistons and piston rings in Engine Technology International magazine

Martin Sorrell leaves WPP with stormy waters ahead

Four reasons to get involved in the parkrun movement

Dr Gareth Wiltshire (Dept for Health) discusses the Park Run phenomenon and the positive benefits it can bring

Russia, Novichok and British government misinformation

Professor David Miller looks at the British Government narrative to the Salisbury poisoning and explores the propaganda, media hype and sensationalism surrounding the affair

How parents can support children after traumatic events

Rachel Hiller and Sarah Halligan from the Department of Psychology on the importance of a child's mental well-being after a traumatic event

Is Facebook taking transparency seriously?

Tristan Hotham from PoLIS discusses whether Facebook is doing enough to be transparent with the way they use our data

Chris Brace on IAAPS - Engine Tech International magazine

Hon Professor Tony Walter: death and paradise

How does belief influence the way people approach death? Prof Tony Walter (Dept of Social and Policy Sciences) joins other experts to discuss the subject

Dr Adelina Illie BBC Radio 4: non-invasive blood monitor

Dr Adeline Illie speaks on BBC Radio 4's Today programme regarding an adhesive patch measures of glucose levels through the skin without a finger-prick blood test

David Miller (SPS) on powerful institutions and the super-rich

David Miller (SPS) on why we should aim our attention at powerful institutions and the super-rich

Blind artist challenging understanding of colour

For centuries, people who were born blind have been the intellectual curios of philosophers studying consciousness

Professor Nick Pearce on the Anglosphere post Brexit

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) Radio 4 Today on the Anglosphere post Brexit

Emma Carmel (SPS) talks immigration post Brexit

Emma Carmel (SPS) on BBC’s Sunday Politics talking immigration post Brexit

Dr Piotr Ozieranski on healthcare transparency in Poland

Health Technology Assessments are a way of life for the pharma industry, but are all HTAs equal?

Three postgrad options you may never have thought of

Guardian piece on postgraduate courses including our Euromasters course

How young children can develop racial biases

Dr Nathalia Gjersoe, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology