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Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture

Aurelien Mondon (PoLIS) comments on a Washington Post article.

From lab to plate, using tissue engineering to meet our needs

The University of Bath is leading the way in the UK’s efforts to develop lab-grown meat, which could be on supermarket shelves within five years.

Fun, frolics, and framing at the Brexit Pantomime!

Dr Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.

Dr Sam Carr (Education) on BBC3’s Porn Laid Bare

Six people with differing attitudes to pornography spend two weeks inside Spain’s adult film industry, exploring the impact of porn on their lives, on society and on the performers.

Curious Kids: how do currents form under water?

Dr Chris Blenkinsopp, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, answers Natalie's question in The Conversation's Curious Kids series.

TED Talk: Tom Curran (Health) on the quest for perfectionism?

Dr Tom Curran from the Department of Health delivered a TEDMED talk.

Why isn’t Big Tobacco paying its way?

Professor Anna Gilmore and Dr Rob Branston write for The Conversation.

Pensions: why auto enrolment may not suit the self-employed

Professor Ania Zalewska writes for The Conversation on why automatic enrolment pensions may not suit the self-employed.

Brad Evans appears on Russell Brand's podcast

On Under The Skin, Brad Evans (PoLIS), discusses power, corruption, revolution and new systems.

What happens to the natural world if all the insects disappear?

A recent report warned of a “bugpocalypse”, as surveys indicated that insects everywhere are declining at an alarming rate.

Luke Martinelli (IPR) on Universal Basic Income for Radio 4

Luke Martinelli, IPR, discusses Universal Basic Income, and whether it can work, on Radio 4.

Prisons and asylums prove architecture can affect mental health

Dr Yvonne Jewkes writes for The Conversation.

Foreign-born academics boost impact

Dr Cornelia Lawson, School of Management, has blog published in Research Professional.

TCRG join over 100 organisations in signing open letter

As part of 'STOP', our Tobacco Control Research Group has called on the World Health Organisation to block Big Tobacco efforts to influence policy.

Dr Richard Fairchild writes for CGTN

Opinion: Cooperation is the core of multinational space exploration

'I Can't Afford to Die' on Radio 4 - Kate Woodthorpe

Kate Woodthorpe, CDAS, for Radio 4 "I Can't Afford to Die".

Rosa Luxemburg's legacy

Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Department of Social & Policy Sciences, writes for The Conversation.

The Trouble with Social Mobility

Professor Paul Gregg talks to Radio 4 about social mobility.

Decoding Brexit through game-theoretic approach

Dr Richard Fairchild writes for CGTN on decoding Brexit through game-theoretic approach, something he explored in a recent paper.

Dr Kate Woodthorpe on the rise of 'pauper's funerals'

Dr Kate Woodthorpe, Dept of Social & Policy Sciences, writes for The Independent.