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Partnering with Bath Rugby academy

The new arrangement will focus on shared coaches and a cohesive training programme for both parties

Helping bowlers get better

Simon Hughes talks about how the University can help bowlers cope with weather changes

IAAPS to advance fuel development

The new global centre will focus on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles and advanced fuel development

Challenges of protecting public areas

Professor David Galbreath discusses methods of defending public spaces from potential terror attacks

Mike Nicholson's “grave concerns” about unconditional offers

Our Director of Student Recruitment & Admissions was interviewed for an article in The Guardian which asks whether giving A level students unconditional offers is a good idea.

Belly dancing: borrowing or cultural appropriation?

Valeria Lo Iacono Symonds, Teaching Fellow in the Department for Health, writes for The Conversation.

How common are imposter doctors?

Trust Me, BBC1's new psychological hospital drama, is more plausible than you'd like to think according to a Bath research study carried out in 1996

Internal combustion after Mazda's 'holy grail' breakthrough

Prof Jamie Turner provides expert comment to IMechE about new breakthrough in compression ignition developed by Mazda.

Low-intensity workouts: what lazy fitness dreams are made of

Our research is cited in an article about the benefits of low-intensity steady state (LISS) exercise.

We’ve got to talk: The militarization of biotechnology

Brett Edwards (PoLIS) discusses the debate about the security implications of cutting-edge biotechnology.

What happens when you introduce 4-year-olds to an OAPs' home

An intergenerational experiment has shown that, within a short timeframe, it is possible to bring about significant enhancement in the well-being of older people.

CSCT expert comments on water research

Antoine Buchard, Whorrod Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, discusses Carnegie Mellon research paper that has been published in Green Chemistry.

Next generation of plug-in hybrid car could use vintage tech

Our researchers believe when twinned with an electric engine, a rotary powertrain could deliver top-end performance and boost the range of a hybrid.

Do we need TripAdvisor for care homes?

Tony Walter shares his experience of trying to find the best geriatric care for his elderly mother

Single currency for West Africa won’t materialise soon

Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong, Lecturer in Strategy in the School of Management, writes for The Conversation.

C4 sets up old people’s home for 4-year-olds

Prof Malcolm Johnson (CDAS) features in tonight's C4's series 'Old People's Home for Four-Year-Olds'

How sharing can make a hangover less harrowing

Sally Adams, Christine Griffin and Paula Smith, from the Department of Psychology, have co-authored an article for The Conversation.

Carole Mundell talks to BBC World Service

An international team of scientists, including Professor Mundell, have captured Gamma Ray Bursts - the biggest explosions in the Universe - in unprecedented detail for the first time.

Wali Aslam on Afghan war after Pakistan prime minister ousted