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Pharmaceutical companies should disclose all payments

Although the payments are legal, experts say the lack of transparency is eroding public trust in healthcare in the UK.

Where does altruism come from?

Laurence Belcher and Philip Madgwick write for The Conversation on the origins of altruism and how 'greenbeard' genes could hold the answer.

Environmental impact of takeaway boxes - BBC Inside Out West

Professor Matt Davidson, Department of Chemistry, talks about the environmental impact of takeaway boxes on BBC Inside Out West.

Epic jail: inside the UK's optimised 'super-prison' warehouses

A Guardian article focusing on prison design features comments from Professor Yvonne Jewkes, SPS.

The China-US trade war: Has the trust gone?

Professor Richard Fairchild continues with his series for CGTN.

Dr Steve Wharton reflects on life in a twinned town

Workers in twinned towns reflect on their parallel lives in this article from The Guardian. Scroll to the end to hear from Dr Steve Wharton, PoLIS.

Do parties in UK have the strength to stop a no-deal Brexit?

Opinion piece by Richard Fairchild, associate professor at the Finance, School of Management

University to undertake a new exercise study into vitamin D

The research will explore how exercise keeps our vitamin D levels up and we need your help.

Opinion: No-deal Brexit: Do-or-die?

Professor Richard Fairchild, School of Management, continues a series of opinion pieces for CGTN.

Apollo 11: structural engineers, spacecraft and spoons

Professor Tim Ibell writes in The Engineer on how structural engineers ensure integrity of essential objects

Boris Johnson wins! Soft landings and moon landings!

Professor Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.

Mafia in Naples is still going strong

Dr Felia Allum writes for The Conversation on why we must not forget how the mafia in Naples affects everyday life in the city.

UK PM race: Personal ambitions and public welfare

Dr Richard Fairchild writes for CGTN.

Seven-foot tsunamis threaten oil tanker expressway in Persian Gulf

Dr Philippe Blondel comments on an important study for The Independent.

Autism and the Christian Church

Professor Rachel Forrester-Jones, SPS, is mentioned on Mike Hill's BBC Radio Tees show.

What it's really like to live with Tourette's

Professor Rachel Forrester-Jones, SPS, writes for The Conversation on what it's really like to live with Tourette's.

Life in death studies: grief, funeral fees & coffin calendar girls

Dr Kate Woodthorpe, Dr Christine Valentine, Professor Tony Walter and Dr John Troyer, Centre for Death and Society, speak to Matthew Reisz at Times Higher Education (THE).

G20: US-China trade war points to the real crisis

Professor Bill Durodie, PoLIS, writes for The Conversation.

The rise of eco-anxiety - Caroline Hickman

Caroline Hickman, Social and Policy Sciences, explores the rise of eco-anxiety and how to come to terms with climate change in this article which featured in the Independent.

Shanghai-London Stock Connect: symbol of cooperation

Professor Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.