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Europe’s mafia clans: young guns with deadly results

Dr Felia Allum, Senior Lecturer in Italian & Politics, writes for The Conversation.

Aurelien Mondon: French National Front has been "very clever"

Aurelien Mondon comments in an article on The Daily Beast titled: "Who the hell would vote for Marine Le Pen?"

Phishing scams are becoming ever more sophisticated

Research Fellow Emma Williams (Psychology) has co-authored an article on cyber security for The Conversation.

Brexit’s global spillover: trade, aid & migration

Dr Maria Garcia (PoLIS) was commissioned to write an article on impacts of Brexit on third parties for the International Peace Institute's Global Observatory.

It’s not what sport kids play but how they play it that matters

A new Conversation article from PhD Researcher Ioannis Costas Batlle (Education).

Roller derby is mashing up gender norms in sport – here’s how

Simone Fullagar, Professor in Sport & Physical Cultural Studies writes for The Conversation

A new way to teach children about eating disorders

Dr Emma Rich & Professor Simone Fullagar (Health) coauthor an article for The Conversation UK

IPR: Labour’s weakness leaves Tories free to do as they please

An article by Professor Nick Pearce, Director of IPR, that first appeared in the Financial Times.

Dons of a different kind – THE features Felia Allum (POLIS)

John Elmes, fron the THE, interviews our academic researching the Camorra about Kalashnikovs and pizza, investigating a closed community, and how she stays safe.

Why academics should bother with public engagement

Richard Watermeyer (Education) has co-authored an article for The Conversation.

The science of the hangover: podcast with Sally Adams

In a special episode of Say Why to Drugs, Dr Suzi Gage talks to our researcher Dr Sally Adams about why we feel so wretched the day after a heavy drinking session, and what it's like conducting research in this area.

Greg Maio writes in Psychology Today

Head of Department of Psychology writes on how identifying with a group can make us feel more confident about our attitudes

The Conversation: Dr Justin Rogers on refugee children in UK

Macron, France’s rising star, profiled by Susan Milner (PoLIS)

Dr Susan Milner writes about the French presidential election campaign for the LSE blog: 'Emmanuel Macron and the building of a new liberal-centrist movement'

Brexit & trade – Maria Garcia (PoLIS) in The Conversation

What the Brexit White Paper says (and doesn't say) about trade

Watch: 'Trust me, I’m a Doctor' feature filmed here on campus

TV presenter Michael Mosley comes to campus to investigate whether exercising makes you hungrier

Health research & diet success story featured on Radio Bristol

Radio interview with the researcher and one volunteer who lost four stone after taking part in the research.

Brexit debate update: Nick Startin of PoLIS on BBC Radio Bristol

Latest developments on Brexit as MPs debate Article 50

Sue Milner (PoLIS) on Benoît Hamon – France’s Corbyn?

The empire strikes back: Nick Pearce in New Stateman

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) coauthors an article comparing comparing the current Government with that of Chamberlain for the New Statesman magazine.