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Can the U.S.-China trade war be reversed?

Professor Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.

Why do we want to touch art?

Dr Simon Hayhoe for CNN on why touching art is so important.

Listen: Caroline Hickman on Radio 4

Dr Caroline Hickman discusses climate and eco anxiety with Radio 4, starts 07m 15s.

The escalating China-U.S. trade war: Anger vs. reconciliation

Professor Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.

Pint of Science podcast with Professor Saiful Islam

Professor Saiful Islam, Department of Chemistry, speaks to the Pint of Science podcast.

When biodegradable plastic is not biodegradable

Isabel Thomlinson, PhD Researcher from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies writes for The Conversation.

Environmental damage and international games

Dr Richard Fairchild writes an opinion piece for CGTN.

Big implications of Caster Semenya v IAAF ruling

Dr Sheree Bekker writes for The Conversation on the big implications on women's participation in sport following the Caster Semenya v IAAF ruling.

Dr Brad Evans: Why can't we all grieve for Notre Dame?

Dr Brad Evans, PoLIS, writes for Newsweek and asks "why can't we all grieve for Notre Dame?"

Carole Mundell talks about first image of a black hole on Radio 4

Carole Mundell, Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy and Head of the Astrophysics Group, appears on BBC Radio 4 PM.

‘Jobs for the boys’ in sports administration

Women represent just 22% of board chairs and 13% of CEOs across more than 60 Australian sporting organisations.

Libertarian paternalism, democracy and populism in the Brexit arena

Dr Richard Fairchild, Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, continues writing for CGTN about Brexit.

A picture of autism

Mark Brosnan speaks to The Bath Magazine about how autistic people can develop the skills to manage the different way they interact with the world.

Insects: species that prefer crops prosper

Professor Stuart Reynolds, Emeritus Professor the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, writes for The Conversation.

The Brexit game: New players, new strategies, new challenges!

Dr Richard Fairchild, Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, writes fro CGTN.

Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture

Aurelien Mondon (PoLIS) comments on a Washington Post article.

From lab to plate, using tissue engineering to meet our needs

The University of Bath is leading the way in the UK’s efforts to develop lab-grown meat, which could be on supermarket shelves within five years.

Fun, frolics, and framing at the Brexit Pantomime!

Dr Richard Fairchild, School of Management, writes for CGTN.

Dr Sam Carr (Education) on BBC3’s Porn Laid Bare

Six people with differing attitudes to pornography spend two weeks inside Spain’s adult film industry, exploring the impact of porn on their lives, on society and on the performers.

Curious Kids: how do currents form under water?

Dr Chris Blenkinsopp, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, answers Natalie's question in The Conversation's Curious Kids series.