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Five hangover cures, reviewed by experts

Five hangover cures, reviewed by Sally Adams and Craig Gunn for The Conversation

Step into the Cubicle - a science art collaboration

A science art collaboration and public engagement initiative to highlight issues around body image in contemporary society.

Reducing the conflict between energy retrofit and heritage character

Researchers from the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering talk about how to reduce the conflict between energy retrofit and heritage character.

Reboot undergraduate courses for reproducibility

Collaboration across institutes can train students in open, team science, which better prepares them for challenges to come, says Dr Katherine Button.

Dr Hamilton-Giachritsis on safeguarding children

Dr Hamilton-Giachritsis from the Department of Psychology speaks on BBC Radio Bristol.

Restorative business revolutionising carbon use

Jens Roehrich comments on Raconteur's special report.

Professor Carole Mundell on the Big Bang

Professor Carole Mundell, Department of Phsyics, appears on BBC Radio 4 to talk about the Big Bang

BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor tackles ‘exercise snacking’ at Bath

In the latest episode viewers will see Bath researcher Dr Oly Perkin put participants through their paces.

Polly McGuigan discusses how fast can a human run on Radio 4

Dr Polly McGuigan is on Radio 4's The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry.

Opinion: Prospect of 'no-deal' Brexit looms over UK

Dr. Richard Fairchild is an Associate Professor in Finance, based in our School of Management

Dr Aurelien Mondon: ‘The mainstreaming of the far right’

Dr Aurelien Mondon's recent article for Open Democracy

BBC Radio 1 Stories - DNA+: Beauty

Prof Tony Perry features in show that explores whether the beauty industry could edit your DNA to improve your looks

Why Canadian aid won’t help Palestinian entrepreneurs

The problem is not aid itself. The problem is the way Canada administers aid.

What Trump’s tariffs could mean for manufacturing

From car factories in Mexico to soybean exporters in Brazil, alternative markets could become unexpected beneficiaries of US President Donald Trump’s attack on overseas manufacturing

The Rhythm of Life

Professor Roland Jones features on The Symphony Within.

Ed Keogh in the New Statesman on pain and the gender data gap

Why the “gender data gap” means doctors don’t take women’s pain seriously enough

Did CRISPR really fix a genetic mutation in these human embryos?

Researchers provide more evidence for their landmark claim that gene editing rid embryos of a disease mutation — but scientists are still arguing over the results.

'Mutual Benefits' of working together

Universities offer a wealth of services that can benefit business. How can businesses and universities work together?

Dr Fairchild on Trade Wars versus Free Trade

Dr Rocha writes for AWE about 'talking algae' research

Dr Paulo Rocha (Elec Eng) writes for AWE international magazine about his ‘ talking algae’