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The social barriers to an active society are being ignored

A recent article in The Conversation by Cassandra Phoenix, Reader in our Department for Health.

The maths of life & death: secret weapon in fight against disease

A recent article by Dr Kit Yates, Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, in The Conversation.

How close are we to a real Star Trek-style medical tricorder?

Dr Despina Moschou, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Writes for The Conversation.

Students' recycling gives heart charity £100k boost

Students from both of the universities in Bath took part in a recycling initiative with on-campus collection banks in a campaign run alongside BANES Council.

Charlie Lees on UK’s ‘nervous breakdown’: ABC radio

Professor Charlie Lees discusses whether the national resolve is trembling after spate of political shocks

Watching funerals streamed online helps to deal with death

Andréia de Sousa Martins, PhD student in our Centre for Death & Society (CDAS), writes for the Conversation.

Is the type of cladding used on Grenfell Tower banned in UK?

Dr Stephen Ledbetter from our Centre for Window and Cladding Technology writes for The Conversation.

Pets can help children accept challenges of foster care

Sam Carr, Lecturer in Education, writes for The Conversation.

Why you should be wary of going to work with a hangover

Sally Adams, Lecturer in Health Psychology, has written an article for The Conversation.

General Election - Coalitions do not always spell chaos

Professor Charlie Lees (PoLIS) discusses the possibilities in the case of a hung parliament following the General Election, in an article in The Times.

ITV report: What's putting GPs in the SW off the job?

ITV outlines the findings of a study by Dr Michael Harris, Honorary Research Fellow in the Department for Health and former GP

Why US conservatives are more swayed by threats than liberals

Thalia Gjersoe (Psychology) writes for The Guardian about negativity bias.

Marlboro accused of using tins to get round new ban on branding

Dr Karen Evans-Reeves (Department for Health) is quoted in an article in The Guardian.

Bill Durodie on Manchester: Bloomberg (on 15 min)

Bloomberg Daybreak talks to Prof Bill Durodie about Manchester's suicide bomber attack

Why is childbirth painful? Ed Keogh on BBC World Service

Dr Ed Keogh (Psychology, Centre for Pain Research) talks to BBC World Service’s Crowd Science about ‘Why is childbirth painful?’

Times Red Box podcast featuring Charlie Lees

In search of the Lib Dem fight back

Why Latin America has not yet fallen out with left-wing politics

Juan Pablo Ferrero, Lecturer in Latin American Studies, and Daniela Bressa Florentin (SPS) co-author an article for The Conversation

Why daredevil climbing videos give you sweaty palms

Nathalia Gjersoe, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, writes for The Conversation.

How children under pressure can lose confidence

Ya-Hsin Lai, PhD Researcher in Education, writes for The Conversation.

French Presidential Election: our PoLIS experts in the media

Over the past few days, Drs Nicholas Startin and Aurélien Mondon (PoLIS) have featured in media coverage worldwide and have a busy week ahead, with engagements on both sides of the English Channel.