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Diversity figures reveal inequalities within multinational firms

A two-tier recruitment system is operating in the UK’s top multinational firms, according to new research from Bath's Department of Education.

IPR Blog: Towards a low carbon, more electric future

Professor Geoffrey Hammond assesses three transitional pathways and their challenges toward a low carbon, more electric future.

New tunable nanomaterials possible via flexible process

Physicists have developed a flexible way to synthesise a wide range of novel nanomaterials with potential applications in areas including optics and sensors.

Evolution from water to land led to better parenting

Frogs evolved to be more attentive parents when they started laying their eggs on land.

Disposable parts of plants mutate more quickly

Research by the Milner Centre for Evolution found that petals mutate at a different rate to shoots

Guidance to fill ‘information vacuum’ on medicinal cannabis

A BMJ clinical review, published Saturday 6 April in advance of expected NICE guidelines, offers new advice to help patients and doctors.

IPR Blog: Planning for Detention Under the Mental Health Act

Jeremy Dixon and Julie Bevan highlight challenges and opportunities of newly proposed Statutory Advance Choice Documents.

Bath scientists develop a mouse model for Joubert Syndrome

A new mouse model for Joubert Syndrome has been developed by Bath scientists, who hope it will accelerate research to understand how this rare disease develops.

Combating Climate Change with New Building Materials

Professor Peter Walker highlights the benefits of using bio-based materials as an alternative to concrete, for the future of sustainable housing.

New monitoring device boosts horse welfare & performance

An innovative sensor platform, developed by Dr Ben Metcalfe, promises to offer new horse health insights to improve welfare and performance in horse racing.

Royal showcase for horse racing research

Two University projects designed to reduce injuries in horse racing were presented to Her Majesty The Queen.

Building an International Learning Society

China’s investments in talent circulation and innovation hubs hold many lessons for the UK’s international education ambitions, says Prof Montgomery.

NHS partnerships with drug companies ‘out of public sight’

Drug companies spent over £7.5m on joint working in 2016-17, but 1 in 5 NHS trusts are keeping details secret according to new research from Bath academics.

IPR Blog: Reasons to be hopeful

How 2019 could see a welcome UN resolution for children growing up in institutional care.

Research mission in the Southern Ocean

Russell Arnott spent 6 weeks on board the RRS James Clark Ross on a scientific expedition to measure the impact of climate change around Antarctica.

GW4 academics research Brexit impact on regional businesses

With ongoing political uncertainty around Brexit, businesses are calling for stability but what will the UK leaving the EU mean for businesses in Wales and the South West? One GW4 research community has been finding out.

Study shows impact of cannabis use on psychosis

Study is the first to show the impact of cannabis use on psychosis, highlighting the potential public health impact of changes to cannabis legislation.

New testosterone rule 'risks setting unscientific precedent'

Regulations challenge the evidence based that underlies medical practice, argue researchers including Dr Sheree Bekker behind a new BMJ paper.

11-11: Memories Retold Nominated for two BAFTA Games Awards

The Aardman team spent nearly two weeks in the CAMERA Studio over the course of nine individual shoots to get the motion capture data they needed to animate most of the major characters in 11:11.

Growing IAAPS' Profile in Europe

Professor Steve Egan provides an update on the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems.