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New Rheumatoid Arthritis Study

Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and live in the Bath area? Sign up to take part in our new study using smartphone based digital technologies to improve RA treatment and care.

International academics contribution must be recognised

Immigrant academics in the UK record forty per cent more international public engagement activities than their native-born colleagues.

Rugby researchers turn to horse racing to tackle spinal injuries

Building on the success of previous injury prevention work, our sports scientists are working with the BHA on a new project designed to improve rider safety.

Dr Andre Barrinha on Brexit, defence and security

Dr Andre Barrinha, PoLIS, discusses Britain and the EU's foreign and security policy.

New research highlights ethnic split in university choices

The study, from our Department of Education, is the first to explore how the ethnic composition of where students grow up might impact their university choices.

IPR Publishes New Policy Brief on Green Transport

New Policy Brief looks at developing green transport infrastructures to promote environmentally sustainable, low carbon growth in devolved regions of England.

Spaceflight does not compromise major part of the immune system

Research involving Bath health scientists shows extended periods of time in orbit does not negatively impact the body’s ability to fight off infections.

Rugby research in list of university breakthroughs

Our work to improve player safety in rugby forms part of UUK's national #MadeAtUni campaign.

‘The I’s have it’ when it comes to education rates

Speakers of languages that allow personal pronouns to be dropped are less likely to have completed secondary or tertiary education, according to new findings.

Study takes stand on true benefits of getting out of your chair

A new health study provides fresh insights on the energy cost of sitting versus standing for sedentary workers.

Take your discoveries further

How the Discovery Series is bringing research to alumni and friends.

Help fund a research project to make plastic from cellulose

Fund a specialist 3D print-head for constructing intricate and sustainable structures from cellulose.

New IPR Policy Podcast: What is the 'Will of the People'?

Listen to Anthony Barnett explore the concept of the 'Will of the People' and address key questions at the heart of Brexit.

Maths challenge: solving the half knight's tour

Dr Geoffrey Smith presents the solution and thinking behind a new take on a classic maths problem

CSCT Blog: Tackling Palm Oil with Rainforest Foundation Norway

Out of the Research Lab and into the Fjord - CSCT student Rob Hicks visits Rainforest Foundation Norway to work on the issue of palm oil

PAM launching new studentship form on 3 December

The new digital form will be launched in PAM for requesting leveraged University research studentships

Potentially deadly bacterium on everyone’s skin

Scientists from the Milner Centre for Evolution warn S. epidermidis should be taken more seriously

Do you have a spinal cord injury? Help guide our research

Get involved in our patient and public involvement group

CSCT PhD students attend residential at Magdalen Farm

CSCT's new PhD students spent 3 days at Magdalen Farm where they participated in team building activities and a tour of the farm's sustainable practices.

University Impact Fund now open

Find out how to apply, and to help you develop and evidence the impact of your research and inform your REF impact Case study.