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Register for 2019 SAMBa conference

Find out about research in Statistical Applied Mathematics at Bath. Deadline to register is 19 June.

Altered brain activity in antisocial girls - new study

The new study focused on teenage girls with conduct disorder, a severe form of antisocial behaviour.

The Rise of the Grey Vote: Cultural Backlash?

In the UK's ageing society, there is a distinct political economy of age – and not simply a values based generational divide.

Innovative project shares lessons in social work

The GCRF project, led by Dr Louise Brown, focuses on how social work interventions from the UK could translate to low and middle income countries.

Bath to play key role in tackling ill health

Researchers at the University will play a key role in UK public health, tackling the rise in conditions such as heart disease and poor mental health.

Algorithm to transform investment banking with higher returns

A University of Bath researcher has created an algorithm which aims to remove the elements of chance, bias or emotion from investment banking decisions.

Looming crisis for family carers

Findings presented this week suggest our ageing population could push older family carers for people with conditions such as Down's syndrome to breaking point.

Help us investigate attitudes towards type 2 diabetes

We're looking for individuals to take part in a research study looking at stigma and attitudes towards type 2 diabetes.

Ceryx Medical win Biodesign Award

Bath SETsquared company, Ceryx Medical, is recognised for their work which uses bioelectronics based chip technology.

Autism linked to less empathy in general population

The psychologists behind the research hope their insights can help the autistic community and those around them in adapting support available.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Final 2019

On Tuesday 4 June, seven doctoral students competed against the clock in the University's Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Final.

Sunscreen: is it safe to make your own?

Dr Charareh Pourzand, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, writes for The Conversation.

Antimicrobial Resistance Partnership Hub launched in China

The University of Bath along with a consortium of partners has launched a partnership programme to reduce antibiotic resistance in China.

Maximum funding award secured

10 researchers will receive full funding for their studies thanks to a successful scholarships bid.

The 2019 European election results in France

Dr Nick Startin, PoLIS, writes for the Brexit blog.

Watch: Using data to inform air pollution policy

IPR, SAMBa and the National University of Mongolia deliver joint workshop on using data to inform policies to tackle air pollution in Ulaanbaatar.

New nano manufacturing capacity

The University's two new Aixtron Black Magic Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) reactors will hopefully allow for the growth of two-dimensional materials that have not yet been produced elsewhere.

Plastic poisons ocean bacteria propping up the marine food chain

Dr Petra Cameron and Philippa Kearney, Department of Chemistry, write for The Conversation.

Having a bet this weekend? Do you understand the odds?

Arman Hassaniakalager, School of Management, examines the stakes of betting on the Champions League this weekend.

When Eurosceptics become Europhiles

Katy Brown uses discourse and linguistics research to show how Eurosceptic parties in the UK and France oppose Turkish involvement in the EU.