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5 steps for having a top-koality research visit

KTP with Spirent awarded ‘outstanding’

The University's two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Spirent Communications has been awarded ‘outstanding’ by Innovate UK

IPR launches Universal Credit study

A new project will look at the impact of Universal Credit on families balancing work, money and care

Enigmatic gene is crucial to brain development

University scientists have shown that an enigmatic gene is crucial to healthy brain development through

Revolution in diabetes monitoring

Scientists have created a patch which measures blood glucose levels without a finger-prick test

Dr Pedro Estrela: biosensors for bladder cancer diagnosis

Dr Pedro Estrela is working as part of the BLAC-EASSAY project to develop biosensors which could help with the early diagnosis for bladder cancer

University enters drug discovery deal with Sapience Therapeutics

Dr Jody Mason from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry and the University have entered into a research collaboration agreement with biotech company Sapience Therapeutics Inc.

Russia’s Presidential election result

Vladimir Putin secured a 4th term in office but did the uncompetitive election make him a lame duck?

Showcase in therapeutic innovation 17 - 18 Sept 2018

Network and collaborate with researchers during this interdisciplinary showcase hosted by the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation

Prof receives research fellowship

Professor Manuel Del Pino has received an award from the Royal Society to help with their leading research

Twisting laser light to probe the nanoscale

A new method to sensitively measure the structure of molecules has been demonstrated by twisting laser light and aiming it at gold gratings

Genes provide clues to how new cell types could evolve

Biologists have uncovered how a family of essential genes interacts could offer clues about how new types of cells come to evolve

Camera launched into space

Innovative optical technology has been launched into space to unravel the mysteries of lightning

REF 2021 panels announced

Eight members of staff have been appointed to key roles in next Research Excellence Framework

Cellular agriculture: A global food security solution

Dr Marianne Ellis's post on Good Food Institute blog discusses how CALpod, a cellular agriculture technology could be the answer to starvation worldwide

Dr Piotr Ozieranski: Challenges to healthcare in Hungary

New research from our Department of Social & Policy Sciences raises issues about transparency and decision-making for healthcare policies in Hungary

Scientists penalised by motherhood

New research from the School of Management highlights a 'motherhood penalty' for female scientists

Global Chair nominations open

IRO invites nominations for Global Chair distinguished visiting professors for next academic year

Apply for an IMI Secondment by 30 April

Further your research and explore new contacts with the Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Dr James Gregory: My objects and me

Together with Dr Nathalia Gjersoe (Department of Psychology) James carried out a recent Public Engagement Event at We The Curious in Bristol to engage the public in thinking about their possessions.