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Researcher pitches concerns over surveillance

Shaun Williams has been speaking about the implications of endless monitoring and evaluation on learning environments

Custom built molecule shows promise as anti-cancer therapy

Scientists at the University of Bath funded by Cancer Research UK have custom-built a molecule which stops breast cancer cells from multiplying in laboratory trials, and hope it will eventually lead to a treatment for the disease.

Britain’s young are on the wrong side of a great unfairness

Exercise classes for elderly are working miracles

Exercise in later life really does work and there’s proof right here in Bath where little miracles are happening every day

Research says marriage makes men fatter

Being married makes men gain weight, and the early days of fatherhood add to it, finds new research

Extinction risk models exclude males

The risks for some species could be underestimated because most demographic models only analyse females

Responses to terror attacks helping to fuel Islamophobia

The recent string of terrorist attacks across Europe has led to a spike in Islamophobic acts, from daily harassment to the horrific event this week in Finsbury Park.

Effects of TV coverage on terror attacks

Dr Michael Jetter spoke at the University’s Department of Economics on his latest paper

Biodegradable microbeads hit the headlines

The new microbeads developed by Uni scientists could replace harmful ones and the story spread quickly

Professors to be awarded Rank Prize

Professors Birks, Knight to be awarded prestigious Rank Prize along with former researcher Professor Russell

How microbes can change the world

This event, hosted by the CSCT, focuses on how biotechnology could be a solution to non-renewables

Scientists make plastic from sugar and CO2

Scientists from the CSCT hope these new plastics could replace potentially harmful unsustainable ones

West & East open dialogue on death

The University & the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences are opening a greater dialogue on bereavement

Tackling child labour in the fashion industry

The UK’s nervous breakdown

Professor Charles Lees dissects the 2017 General Election for The Conversation

Professor Durodie talks pre-election terror on Bloomberg News

At 2 hours 11 minutes Professor Bill Durodie talks about pre-election terror on Bloomberg news

Scientists make biodegradable microbeads

Our scientists and engineers have developed new microbeads that could replace harmful ones.

Brain damage can alter memory

People with damage to a crucial part of the brain fail to recognise facial emotions, but find sideways faces more memorable.

Students develop ultra-efficient vehicle

A team of mechanical engineering students from the University of Bath has designed a vehicle that achieves 3,112 mpg.

Exploring the evolving role of middle leaders in schools

A delegation of school leaders convened on campus this week for a flagship meeting of the Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT), to address the contemporary challenges placed on middle leaders in schools.