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Tackling online child sexual abuse

A new report will call for swift action to stem a dramatic increase in online abuse cases seen recently

Reading Mein Kampf, misreading education by Dr Aurelien Mondon

Brexit and the Irish border explained

Dr Sophie Whiting takes two minutes to explain how Brexit will affect the Irish border

Attention bias in complex regional pain syndrome

Breakfast is changing our fat cells

Regular breakfasts affect our body's fat cells by decreasing the activity of genes involved in fat metabolism

How Chronic pain affects Europe

Of the 750 million people in Europe, 20% of them will experience chronic persistent pain

UK Industrial Strategy needs more

The latest IPR blog says the UK's Industrial Strategy needs to be more than repackaged pet projects

African business schools must tackle corruption

Business schools in Africa must equip future business leaders with political skills, if business education is to play a significant role in combating systemic corruption, says research from our School of Management.

Mark Ricketts on Process Champions

Process Champions are taking on real process challenges at the University of Bath

Nick Startin launches Handbook of Euroscepticism

Watch a recording of the Facebook Live event

More realistic animal animations

Staff are working with Bath Cats & Dogs Home to create movement data from different dog breeds

Are cooking fats affecting clouds?

Fats released into the atmosphere may be enhancing the cloud formation, cooling the planet

Bringing sustainable sanitation to refugee camps

How a mobster helped motivate a fightback against the mafia

Shaking the Camorra's hold with art

Dr Felia Allum explores how young Italians are reclaiming the streets from the clutches of organised crime

Germany's political meltdown: Can the SPD profit?

Sustainable fashion meets Black Friday

Inaugural lecture: Autism in a digital world

Prof Mark Brosnan discusses the psychological impact of our increasingly digital world with regards to autism

Removing rational incentives for populist policy making

The revival of the European social model

In this IPR blog Dr Susan Milner discusses the 'social dimension’ of European integration & the UK