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Uni scientists involved in world first

This is the first ever combined detection of light and gravitational waves from two merging neutron stars

Humanoid robot tests to explore AI ethics

Artificial intelligence researchers at the University have been awarded €250,000 to conduct a series of unique experiments on how people interact with humanoid robots.

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account deadline: 13 Nov

The next IAA Open Call deadline for applications is noon on Monday 13 November 2017

How Catalonia and Spain can be brought back from the brink

Dr Paul Kennedy writes that a further revision of Catalonia’s regional Statute, or even an amendment of the constitution, could be possible options for enabling both sides to come to a solution

New grant for public engagement

RCUK grant will enrich public engagement culture at the University and a national level

The double-edged sword of mental health apps

Delivering freshwater experts

Freshwater doctoral training will train future leaders to address the problems facing freshwater sustainability

Young people on leisure in Swindon

The Your Space Your Say exhibition revealed what young people really think on the subject

Two weeks until Innovate Fund deadline

To be considered researchers must submit an expression of interest by 5pm on Mon 16 October

People avoid calling in sick if it adds to colleagues’ burden

Theresa May and the Tories: three ways to stop the bleed

Festival of the future city Bath weeks away

All University staff can get two tickets for the price of one using the promotion code

Machines that learn to see and move

Professor Andrew Blake (Alan Turing Institute) will be speaking at the University this month

Notes on the political economy of higher education

The circadian clock in our muscles

New research has shown a biological clock at work in our muscles regulating metabolism

Research finds common rugby player injuries

Our Dept. for Health has identified that former male rugby union players are at a greater risk of osteoarthritis

IPR Blog: The atrophy of the German party system

Celebrating local research partnerships

'Community Matters' is run in collaboration between the Public Engagement Unit and South West Foundation

Asteroid sped up bird evolution

The giant asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs may have changed the pace of evolution

Tackling the South West's productivity problem