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Explain your PhD in just three minutes

The Three Minute Thesis is a unique opportunity for PhD students to profile their research & expertise

Scientists create new molecules for cancer & diabetes treatments

New molecules which scientists hope could one day become drugs for both cancer and diabetes have been created at the University of Bath.

Male volunteers wanted for new research

Men aged 20-35 or 60-85 needed to help us study healthy ageing - Get a free health check!

Marketing Saiful Islam's Ri Christmas Lectures

In the time between Saiful being announced as the Ri's Christmas Lecturer last August, through to the broadcast dates over Christmas, the Research Marketing Team worked closely with him and staff at the Ri to ensure we made the most of the event from a marketing perspective - both in terms of Saiful's own research and expertise, as well as gaining maximum exposure for the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, the Department of Chemistry and the University more generally.

Latest funding call announced for GW4 research communities

Take part in the Imaging semester

Imaging is a vibrant and rapidly growing area of research with many diverse applications

Business and society blog: A new voice in the debate is needed

We believe it is high time that university researchers took a more active role in this debate, providing much needed evidence to inform popular opinion. To do so, we need to speak in a new voice.

Showcasing our expertise with Reddit's Ask Me Anything

AMAs were created by the Reddit community as an opportunity for interesting individuals to field questions about anything and everything.

Strengthening our marketing ties with Stellenbosch

We're telling the stories behind the many research collaborations that have come about as a result of the University's focus on internationalisation.

UN declares International Day of Women in Science

The United Nations has declared that 11 February of every year should be observed as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

New small-scale public engagement projects launched

Our recent annual seed fund call has already funded 11 small-scale public engagement projects across the University - apply now for up to £500 to deliver your own project

Doctoral provision project catch up and what is to come

A catch up on all things that have been happening and to highlight a couple of great activities that are on the horizon for the PGRs

Is your research about water & its role in environment & health?

Get involved in the NERC-funded Waterscapes project: a range of developmental and engagement opportunities for researchers from postgraduate level and upwards.

'World first' research into digital health

Dr Emma Rich leads collaborative project to investigate teenage use of health software & gadgets

Bath research asks questions about youth use of health devices

A ‘world first’ research project led by a researcher in the Department of Health is to explore the previously uncharted area of teenagers’ growing use of digital wellbeing software and gadgets, with latest statistics showing a staggering 160,000 smartphone health apps on the market.

VC's Public Engagement Awards

Nominations now open for this year's awards - submit by the deadline of Mon 27 Mar

Research Rocket 2017: Healthy Futures

2 Mar: Find out how our early career researchers are making a difference by creating healthy futures

Why do some people sail through life while others struggle?

A new research project to investigate the ways in which different people cope with crises wants to draw on the experiences of people aged 65 and older (because they are most likely to have witnessed and lived through the greatest number of life-affecting events, and the most difficult ones).

ResearchFish submissions: 6 Feb – 16 Mar

Research Councils require all funded PIs & research students to submit details of their ongoing research

Further your research & build up contacts

IMI secondments are a unique opportunity for collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines