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The 2019 General Election and welfare in the UK

Dr Luke Martinelli and Rita Griffiths examine party manifestos, and the future of Universal Credit and basic income after the General Election.

Listen now: research podcast

Dr Joanna Syrda from our School of Management talks to Vicky Just about her study on the effect of spouse income on men's mental health.

Artificial neurons developed to cure chronic diseases

For the first time researchers successfully reproduced the electrical properties of biological neurons onto semiconductor chips.

For young people, a 'moral' choice?

Professor Helen Haste looks at youth civic participation, and how young people may potentially vote in the 2019 General Election.

Higher education and the 2019 election

Dr Matt Dickson reviews party manifestos ahead of the 2019 General Election, and examines commitments to higher education and widening participation.

Climate policies in party manifestos

Dr Aurelie Charles examines the climate policies in party manifestos ahead of the 2019 General Election.

Cutting nanoparticles down to size

A new technique could efficiently produce nanoparticles in tailored shapes for drug delivery

Contractor appointed for IAAPS

We have awarded Rydon the contract for the construction of our new automotive propulsion research facility as part of IAAPS.

For climate, how we farm matters as much as what we eat

Is meat a threat to our planet? Joanna Lewis from The Soil Association looks at the importance of not just what we eat, but how we farm.

WATCH: Interacting with real objects in a virtual environment

Immersive VR gaming experiences are becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment industry, however users are limited as to how much they can interact with objects in the virtual environment.

Bath academics launch new voter ‘matchmaking’ website

A new interactive voter preference website could help improve turnout at the upcoming General Election, according to University of Bath researchers.

Women and 'welfare reform' in the UK

Fran Bennett discusses cuts to benefits and the new universal credit system, and their negative effect on women.

University launches new Healthy Ageing Network

Our new Healthy Ageing Network is helping us collaborate with experts from the NHS, charities, and industry to meet the needs of an ageing society.

Looming crisis for older family carers

A new report highlights hidden challenges pushing informal, family carers of people with conditions such as Down’s syndrome to breaking point.

AAPS CDT Training Future Leaders Today

Our Centre for Doctoral Training in Automotive Propulsion Systems brings together students to support the transition into a smarter, more sustainable future.

SetSquared and our remarkable women founders

New post by Professor Jonathan Knight

Social norms about breadwinning can harm men’s mental health

Husbands’ stress increases if wives earn more than 40 percent of household income

Dr Rob Branston on Tobacco Taxation for a Healthier Europe

Experts and advocates from 23 countries discuss the importance of tobacco taxation for a healthier Europe at Smoke Free Partnership annual policy conference.

Bionic pacemaker slows progression of heart failure

The 'smart' pacemaker responds to signals from the body, instead of constantly pumping the heart at a fixed pace.

Two identical-looking bird species have very different genes

Scientists have identified a new bird species from the Southern coast of China, that diverged from its Northern relatives around half a million years ago.