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Scientists penalised by motherhood

New research from the School of Management highlights a 'motherhood penalty' for female scientists

Global Chair nominations open

IRO invites nominations for Global Chair distinguished visiting professors for next academic year

Apply for an IMI Secondment by 30 April

Further your research and explore new contacts with the Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Dr James Gregory: My objects and me

Together with Dr Nathalia Gjersoe (Department of Psychology) James carried out a recent Public Engagement Event at We The Curious in Bristol to engage the public in thinking about their possessions.

Better access for blind & partially sighted museum visitors

Improving access and provisions for blind and partially sighted visitors to cultural heritage sites is the theme of this week's 'Sensing Culture' event.

MRC industry engagement fund available

University receives £89,000 for industrial collaboration in the area of Therapeutic Innovation

IPR: Leaving fossils behind for the future of transport

One of the key challenges we face as a species in the 21st century is how to co-exist with nature in a sustainable manner

International Research Funding launch

IRO announces call for funding to support research mobility, engagement and network development

A week to go for 2018 VC Award

There is one week left to apply for the Vice Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement

Rare fossils of new flying reptiles species

Dr Nick Longrich from the Milner Centre for Evolution discovers several new species of pterosaurs

Future of Mobility using 5G, Big Data & AI: 19 April

Emerging advancements in AI and Big data technologies and the deployment of 5G represent new opportunities in working towards collective solutions.

Oscar highlights Chile’s long battle for LGBTI rights

The Oscars success of Sebastián Lelio’s film, A Fantastic Woman, couldn’t be more opportune in its timing with it's impact gradually gathering pace

Refugees and economic migrants

Find out more about the politics of immigration in this two minute explainer by Dr Jason Hart

Luisa Enria (SPS) writes on Sierra Leone’s upcoming elections

ALS-linked protein’s journey more complex than we thought

HE Financing – lessons learnt & future options

Poorer students over three times more likely to live at home

There’s more to skeleton than meets the ice

Our researchers are working with British Skeleton and UK Sport on the science behind the Winter Olympic sport

Help us learn more about mental health disclosure

Coalition-making in the 2018 Italian election