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Successful catalysis symposium hosted by CSCT

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies hosted Professor Parasuraman Selvam from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and to welcome new early career researchers to Bath.

GW4 PETIC Research Showcase

A day in Cardiff showcasing current research underway in collaboration with PETIC.

Twelve venues, 100 researchers, one night

Celebrate European Researchers’ Night with FUTURES on 28 September.

How the Milner Centre was designed

The Milner Centre for Evolution has just opened on campus - find out how our staff got involved in the building design.

New Leverhulme funding for Dr Felia Allum

A significant project from Dr Felia Allum in PoLIS will redress the balance in research to-date on transnational organised crime.

European Researchers' Night 2018 - FUTURES

Two cities, twelve venues, 100 researchers, one night - join us at FUTURES.

Waste plastic could support construction

Bath-led research has shown waste plastic to be a sustainable, viable partial replacement for sand.

Single molecule control for a femtosecond

New technique will open up research possibilities across nanoscience and nanophysics.

Leading the way in inclusive innovation

New Industrial Strategy funding will help amplify regional strengths in creative technologies.

£1M grant to target proteins linked to cancers

Dr Jody Mason from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry has been awarded almost £1M for a project looking at ways to target proteins linked to cancers.

UNREST launches MOOC to showcase memory research

EU Horizon 2020-funded project UNREST has created a free Memory Models course to disseminate its findings.

Writing Good Impact Case Studies

Saskia Walcott shares her insight and expertise in compiling and writing REF Impact Case Studies.

Pharmacists play vital role in improving patient health

Pharmacists serving non-hospitalised patients may achieve improvements in patient health outcomes

PoLIS welcomes international researchers

Social and political scientists will be in Bath this week for the 48th Annual Conference of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies.

Timescale for the origin of all of life on Earth

New study suggests life originated on Earth a lot earlier than previously thought

Policy analysis and social change in the Arab region: 11 Sept

Arab public policy scholars will discuss their research and expertise on policy-making in the Middle East and North Africa.

Opening up about autism

There’s growing understanding about autism across society, but what does it mean to be a student and autistic?

GW4 funding call now open for collaborative research

Collaborative research communities across the GW4 universities can apply for up to £75K in an open funding call.

Bank Hol booze effects last longer than thought

New study suggests the effects of alcohol on mental processing could extend to the day after heavy drinking

Why do we feel pain differently?

Dr Janet Bultiude explores the science behind pain, what it is and why it might be experienced differently by different people.