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Explanations of political ambition

A new PoLIS study highlights what drives political ambition in prospective MPs and councillors

Choosing a school for your child

Dr Ceri Brown looks at five things you should think about when choosing a school for your child

Transparency challenges in Polish healthcare

New studies reveal how Big Pharma plays the system to secure lucrative funding deals in Central Europe

Climate change and sustainable lifestyles

Prof. Ricardo García-Mira outlines how we can transition our lives towards sustainability in this IPR blog

Evolution acceptance in children

Acceptance of evolution in UK children is linked to their scientific aptitude rather than conflicts with beliefs

Why so few tennis players make it

Dr Kerry Papps from the Dept. of Economics looks at why so few tennis 'make it' when so many go pro

Analysis from Piotr Ozieranski on CCG drug company deals

Rise in perfectionism in young people

Growing competition for university and jobs has contributed to higher levels of perfectionism

Dirty gold

'Gut instinct’ trumps ‘evidence’ when voting

A new economics study has looked at how people use different types of information when it comes to making voting decisions.

Evaluation of social innovation learning pilots

Why we lean to the right when we kiss

Psychology of kissing study may have wider implications for neuroscience & cognitive sciences

Wildlife conservation governance

Research shows protecting an area for wildlife can work, but only if there is robust political governance

What matters to children's learning?

In advance of the schools application deadline, Dr Ceri Brown shares fresh insights into children’s learning

Forcing the social care shake up

Once confined to academic circles, intergenerational issues in social care are the focus of a popular TV show

Thermal propulsion systems

The future of the internal combustion engine is a topic that always inspires intense debate

Successful Reaction Monitoring Symposium

Should we fix Universal Credit?

In this blog Professor Jane Millar asks if we can fix Universal Credit and if we can, should we?

IPR blog: What next for Zimbabwe?

Dr Simon Milligan (Dept. of Social and Policy Sciences) looks at the anatomy of a non-coup

Can you summarise your PhD in a limerick?