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VC Awards put public engagement centre stage

The annual awards are an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of our community who engage diverse publics with their research.

Lighter and stronger aeroplanes

Aviation innovation is thanks to new composites developed in Dept of Mechanical Engineering

‘Talking’ algae help monitor climate change

Our researchers have developed a way to monitor aquatic alterations by listening to microalgae

App to tackle mental health challenges

BlueIce app developed by Professor Paul Stallard is helping young people manage urges to self-harm

New 3D printing equipment installed

Find out more about collaborating on this technology and exploring its capabilities

IPR: Brexit and International Trade

Dr Maria Garcia (PoLIS) on the immediate impact of Brexit on international trade

Record entries for Images of Research

Researchers have submitted a record number of entries for this year's public engagement competition

In the shadows of empire: Anglosphere dream lives on

Latest IPR blog post

Savvy microbe investments maximise return

Microbes change their investment strategy depending on what is at stake

Paper by late Dr Darrell Patterson

Dr Darrell Patterson's article has been published in the prestigious journal Chemical Reviews

A new book from Dr Peter Allen: 'The Political Class'

'The Political Class' challenges us to rethink who governs Britain

Mighty morphing molecules

Work by University scientists has opened a new way to tailor applications in future technologies

A view of Brexit and its impact on industrial strategy

Dr Felicia Fai Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), blogs on the impact of Brexit on the UK's Industrial Stragey

Identifying the building blocks for drug development

Dr Jody Mason has received a Pioneer Award from Cancer Research UK to work on a new way to screen molecules in the fight against cancer

Scientists find the first bird beak

A rare fossil from an early bird gives a unique insight into how modern birds evolved

Targeted approach to NHS Health Checks

A recent public health study of NHS Health Checks in Bristol has found disparities in the groups attending

Young people with behavioural problems ‘wired differently’

Latest research from psychologists and neuroscientists points to subtle differences in brain connectivity impacting young people with Conduct Disorder

Sustainable soil-based construction

Soil-based construction materials could provide the poorest people with strong, affordable housing

Post-Brexit Britain and Enoch Powell’s troubling legacy

It is 50 years since his notorious “rivers of blood” speech. Yet, in the intervening decades, Powell’s ideas have entered the political mainstream to take revenge on a complacent establishment

'Myth’ exercise suppresses immunity

Research has debunked the ‘myth’ that strenuous exercise suppresses the immune system