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Searching for tomorrow's champions

Our researchers are working with the Premier League to harness young players' true potential

Fungal disease spreads through UK hospitals

International Healthcare Workshop with Koç University

An early-career researcher workshop on 'Improving healthcare operations through modelling and simulation' brought together scholars from the UK and Turkey in Bath, in late July.

From BBC Bristol to ABC Sydney

Justin Rogers (SPS) has been engaging with the media about Fostering Hope, community-based research

Looking to the future: Saudi Arabia & Vision 2030

Majid Bin Ayed Al-Ayed, who is studying for his Professional Doctorate in Policy Research & Practice with the IPR, discusses Vision 2030, the blueprint for Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic transformation.

Research challenges ethnic diversity

New IPR Policy Brief looks at ethnic diversity and composition of students attending UK universities

Full immersive cricket experience

Researchers use motion capture tech to create virtual reality cricket game with entertainment company

Politics, fake news & the post-truth era

The IPR’s 2017 symposium will examine public policy and politics on 14 Sep in the current age of disruption

MRSA survival chances predicted

Sequencing the DNA of the MRSA superbug can identify patients most at risk of death

The Paris Agreement will succeed without the USA

PhD student Alastair Marsh believes the USA’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is a reminder that populous, industrialising countries deserve more attention.

Home is where clean water flows

Vicky De Groof, CSCT student, blogs about her experience at the 5th IWA Young Water Professionals BeNeLux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg) conference.

Volunteers aged 20-30 or over 55 wanted

Take part in our new psychology study to help us understand ageing & its effect on decision-making

High-quality scientific tech at fraction of cost

£1m project to produce 3D-printed optical microscopes will boost science in developing countries

IPR blog: I’m not English. Oh, yes you are!

A blog post by Anthony Barnett, writer and Founder of openDemocracy.

Research to improve health services

Over 150 delegates from nearly 30 countries convene on campus to discuss future healthcare advances

Cheap tobacco means fewer smokers quit

Price increases as a deterrent to cut smoking are being undermined by the availability of cheap tobacco

Ten small-scale engagement projects

Across the 2016-2017 academic year, the Uni funded 10 small-scale public engagement projects

Universe's most powerful type of explosion

Scientists capture Gamma Ray Bursts - unravelling the long-standing mystery of what powers them

Civic data gets sexy

A blog post by Jon Poole, Research & Intelligence Manager at Bath & North East Somerset Council, who works with the IPR on the project 'Connecting data across public services in Bath & North East Somerset'.

How to generate trust, in ourselves & our organisations

A CIPD study, Cultivating Trustworthy Leaders, produced in collaboration with Professor Veronica Hope Hailey and team from the School of Management, asked the questions: How scan we demonstrate our own trustworthiness, and build it in others?