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Researchers receive FAPESP funding

Professor Paul Milewski and Dr Karim Anaya-Izquierdo have secured São Paulo State Research Foundation funding

IPR Blog: Industrial Strategy Redux

Earlier this week, the Commission on Industrial Strategy, established by the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield and chaired by Dame Kate Barker, published its final report

Developing a glove to monitor the Raynaud's condition

Research focusing on UK multilingualism

A new research project will assess the changes in attitude towards multilingualism in the UK

Catalonia: the prospect of an election has everyone nervous

University celebrating art and research

The Edge joined with Arts Council England for an event to look at collaborations between art and research

HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab: making connections

Launched in March 2017, the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab aims to connect business leaders, policymakers and academics.

New antidepressant drug potential

A potential new antidepressant and antianxiety drug has been developed by our scientists

Improving autistic employment

The new Bath Employment Spring School for Autism will provide tailored, fully-supported opportunities

Beware tobacco industry tactics

A new study says tobacco companies develop pricing strategies to undermine public health efforts

Alcohol hangover and behaviour study needs participants

'Flat pack' shelters to help disaster victims

Building design experts from the University are working with a plastic specialist to design the reusable shelters

Dr Paul Kennedy on Catalonia's independence bid

Dr Restrepo on peace in Colombia

Dr José Restrepo has spoken about the role of universities in the transition to peace in Colombia

The IPR on Universal Credit and the problem of conditionality

How coping mechanisms help autistic people

Nearly half of young parents struggle to pay for the essentials

New prevention exercise programme to reduce rugby injuries

Sebastian Kurz: just who is Austria’s new leader?

University helping to make sustainable rubber