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Adopting and encouraging a Growth mindset (Dev Toolkit)

An article summarising ‘growth mindset’ - a belief in your brain’s ability to learn and adapt - including practical steps to adopt a growth mindset

Top Tips for Developing Personal Resilience (Dev Toolkit)

How well we cope with adversity depends on how resilient we are and how we manage uncertainty. Review tips to help boost your resilience levels.

2019/2020 Programmes and Courses

Courses include: Process improvement and SDPR Training. To book your place please use Employee Self-Service (ESS) - guidance is provided on each course webpage.

3L Programme – applications close today

You have only two days left to submit your application for our management and leadership development programme.

ED&I Masterclasses

ED&I Masterclasses available for staff groups, teams and departments.

Meetings: Effective Committee Servicing (24 July 2019)

This workshop is an opportunity to consider good practice and the skills you will need when asked to act as secretary to a formal meeting. Places available to book using Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Giving constructive feedback: BOOST model (Dev Toolkit)

A Development Toolkit article summarising the BOOST feedback model which encourages you to focus on positive outcomes to create a mindset for success.

3L Management and Leadership Programme information session

Attend these sessions to find out more about the programme.

SDPR Getting the most out of your review - 8 July 2019

This workshop aims to help those who are being reviewed for the first time to understand their role in this 2 way process.

SDPR Conducting an effective review - 8 July 2019

This workshop will enable you to conduct effective reviews for those you line manage by focusing on the purpose and principles of an effective review conversation. Book your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Exploring Confidence workshop

A 3 hour workshop exploring personal strengths to gain insight into how out habits shape our view of the world and others perceptions of us.

Voice and Vocal Control workshop

Voice and Vocal Control is a 3 hour voice workshop based on theatrical as well as practical experience, and aimed towards anyone wishing to develop their vocal ability.

Is it time to open your wings?

A fantastic development opportunity for those in Team Leader, Supervisor and Management roles or those that aspire to be.

Workshop: e-assessment of mathematical content

This hands-on workshop will look at writing e-assessment for maths content using the open source NUMBAS and STACK tools.

Managing teams e-learning available (Dev Toolkit)

A new 60-minute Management 101 e-learning module available for all staff via the Development Toolkit.

Hate crime and discrimination training sessions

Having better knowledge and understanding of hate crime, and reporting, are fundamental to safeguarding those who may experience hate crime and discrimination.

Social Media Masterclass #7 (create a content calendar)

Join Tom Mason, Social Media Manager in the Department of Marketing & Communications, for a masterclass on creating a content calendar for social media

Presentation Skills (half day course) on Monday 17 June

This course is suitable for 'all staff' who have to present to others as part of their role, whether to a small audience within the context of a meeting, or in a larger, more formal setting.

Emergency First Aid - Spaces available

Spaces are available on the Emergency First Aid course, offered by Team Bath, on 8 May.

SDPR: Conducting an effective review - dates now available

This workshop will enable you to conduct effective reviews for those you line manage by focusing on the purpose and principles of an effective review conversation.