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Book now for Introduction to Windows 10: Fri 2 June

A self-paced workshop for staff and postgraduates who would like to learn more about Windows 10.

The nuts & bolts of managing people: Tue 27 Jun

An introduction for all new line managers on the responsibilities and processes involved in managing people at the University

Presentation skills course: Mon 26 Jun

This course is suitable for all staff who have to present to others as part of their role: to a small audience within the context of a meeting, or in a larger, more formal setting.

Training - Managing the disciplinary process: Fri 23 Jun

A course for line managers and supervisors to equip you with the skills and knowledge to proactively manage the disciplinary process

Introduction to Skype for Business: Thu 25 May

Skype for Business enables users to converse with instant messaging, audio calls and video calls (including conference calls). It also enables a user to display something on their screen onto the screens of everyone else within a conversation.

The nuts and bolts of managing people: Tue 27 June

An introduction for all new line managers on the responsibilities and processes involved in managing people at the University

Introduction to Windows 10: Wed 17 May

This course is available to staff and postgraduates who would like to learn more about using Windows 10

Researcher training - Voice & vocal control: Tue 13 Jun

Voice and Vocal Control is a three-hour voice workshop based on theatrical as well as practical experience and aimed towards anyone wishing to develop their vocal ability.

Learn more about Microsoft OneNote: Mon 8 May

Microsoft OneNote can be used for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration as well as being able to gather notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries and share them with other users of OneNote over the Internet.

Researcher training - Build resilience & keep going: Thu 4 May

How to keep going, with a degree of enthusiasm, in an atmosphere of short-term contracts, small promise of tenure and the insecurity of a rapidly changing and highly competitive funding environment.

Building confidence & assertiveness: Thu 4 May

If you would rather feel the ground under your feet than the butterflies in your stomach, then this workshop is for you.

Running effective meetings: Wed 24 May

In this session you will work through some practical steps to ensure future meetings have a purpose, feel collaborative and enable relationships to work.

Training for invigilators: Wed 10 May

This course is designed for all those involved in invigilating University of Bath examinations, regardless of experience.

Lunch & Learn: TurningPoint interactive polling

This free lunch event on 5 May is your chance to discover how Turning Technologies’ polling software can be used as a true pedagogical tool and network with peers.

Get the most out of BoB (on demand TV & radio): 11 May

The academically-focused system allows staff and students at subscribing institutions to record programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels, and search their extensive archive.

Free online learning for all staff

Log in to access 2000+ resources: build your self-confidence, manage conflict, assess your creativity

Socio-economics of entering graduate job market: 4 May

Graduate status for students from lower-income families does not always enable them to enter prestigious professional careers on an equal footing with better-off peers.

What are you waiting for? Become a career activist: 10 May

Learn how to avoid common career pitfalls like working hard and hoping someone will notice and become a proactive career activist, taking control of your own path, on this inspiring and practical workshop.

Improve your skills - Formatting in Word: Thu 13 Apr

Free course for staff

Learn how to use media in PowerPoint: Fri 31 Mar

Free course for staff