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Use Pivot tables to summarize data: Thu 28 Sep

Introduction to OneNote: Wed 20 Sep

SDPR - Getting the most out of your review: Thu 7 Sep

This workshop helps those who are being reviewed to understand their role in this two-way process.

Conducting an effective SDPR review: Thu 7 Sep

This workshop will enable you to conduct effective reviews for those you line manage by focusing on the purpose and principles of an effective review conversation.

Creating charts in Excel: Thu 24 Aug

Sign up now to improve your Excel skills. The course is also running on 28 September.

Process Improvement course: Wed 6 Sep

This one-day workshop encourages innovative thinking and will teach delegates how to apply tried and tested process improvement techniques that can make a positive difference in the working environment.

Development Toolkit: 10 surprising ways to free your creativity

Unconscious restrictions, preconceptions & fear restrict the creative juices

Use the Development Toolkit to learn about Stress Management

Learn more about how to recognise, avoid and prevent workplace stress by using the free resources in the Uni's Development Toolkit

Free online learning for all staff

Log in to Development Toolkit for 2000+ resources: setting objectives, SDPR advice, self development

Training - Managing emotions: anger, worry, disappointment

If you are a manager or leader, your moods and emotions can encourage or inhibit performance in those around you.

Online training: Ten time management hacks

These time management tips are designed to enhance your efficiency and help you get more done.

Postgrad or postdoc? Want to be a mentor?

We are looking for postgrads & postdocs to volunteer for the Young Researchers’ Programme

Online training: Handling difficult conversations

This interactive, self study, e-learning course provides an introduction to handling difficult conversations by using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges.

Managing long documents using Word: Tue 25 Jul

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Introduction to Business Objects 4.2: Tue 18 Jul

Sign up now to improve your knowledge of Business Objects.

Creating charts in Excel: Thu 13 Jul

Sign up now to improve your Excel skills. The course is also running in August.

University staff language courses

Introduction to Skype for Business

The course will be held on Wednesday 28 June

Introducing Academic Staff Development

Supporting staff to develop their academic career & gain recognition for excellent teaching practice

Learn more about Mail Merge in Word: Mon 12 Jun

This course assumes that you have a good understanding of Microsoft Word including how to create tables.