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Running effective meetings: Wed 24 May

In this session you will work through some practical steps to ensure future meetings have a purpose, feel collaborative and enable relationships to work.

Training for invigilators: Wed 10 May

This course is designed for all those involved in invigilating University of Bath examinations, regardless of experience.

Lunch & Learn: TurningPoint interactive polling

This free lunch event on 5 May is your chance to discover how Turning Technologies’ polling software can be used as a true pedagogical tool and network with peers.

Get the most out of BoB (on demand TV & radio): 11 May

The academically-focused system allows staff and students at subscribing institutions to record programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels, and search their extensive archive.

Free online learning for all staff

Log in to access 2000+ resources: build your self-confidence, manage conflict, assess your creativity

Socio-economics of entering graduate job market: 4 May

Graduate status for students from lower-income families does not always enable them to enter prestigious professional careers on an equal footing with better-off peers.

What are you waiting for? Become a career activist: 10 May

Learn how to avoid common career pitfalls like working hard and hoping someone will notice and become a proactive career activist, taking control of your own path, on this inspiring and practical workshop.

Improve your skills - Formatting in Word: Thu 13 Apr

Free course for staff

Learn how to use media in PowerPoint: Fri 31 Mar

Free course for staff

Project management basics: Wed 10 May

An introduction to core project management skills for project team members

Getting the most out of Research Relationships: Mon 27 Mar

In this workshop researchers will look at different aspects of successful relationships in a research context, bringing in some useful theories that can help us to be more effective and confident in managing difficult conversations and influencing and negotiating with others.

Planning & leading projects: Tue 9 May

Project Management training for those involved in proposing and gaining approval for projects or leading project teams

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome: Mon 27 Mar

If you have ever doubted your ability, or thought, "I just got lucky this time", “I worry that others will discover how little I know” or “I only got that opportunity because people were being kind to me”, this is an indication that you have experienced Imposter Syndrome.

Media Training – TV and Radio: Tue 21 Mar

This course will build your confidence in giving radio and TV interviews, and explaining your research to a non-specialist audience in a limited time (which will stand researchers in good stead for other career situations like conferences and public debates).

Catering for diverse faith traditions on campus: Thu 28 Mar

We invite all staff and students of faith (or none) to participate in this workshop. (Book free lunch - or ext 3568 by 22 March)

Learn how to do mail merges in Word: Fri 23 Mar

Free IT training course open to all staff.

SDPR for education & research staff: Fri 7 Apr

The session will work chronologically through the SDPR process, explaining the aims of the different steps, and discuss some case studies that illustrate the kinds of issues and conversations that may arise.

DATE CHANGE: Supporting PhDs in distress: Tue 28 Mar

This workshop is aimed at supervisors who, as part of their role, may be approached by students experiencing distress.

Struggling with Excel? Help is here! Fri 17 Mar

Feel free to bring questions about spreadsheets you're working on

Training - Nuts & bolts of managing people: Mon 3 Apr

An introduction for all new line managers on the responsibilities and processes involved in managing people at the University.