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How ‘gut instinct’ trumps ‘evidence’ when voters go to the polls

A new economics study has looked at how people use different types of information when it comes to making voting decisions.

Explanations of political ambition

A new PoLIS study highlights what drives political ambition in prospective MPs and councillors

Brad Millington: A brief history of fitness technology

New studies reveal challenges to transparency in healthcare in Central Europe

Despite progress in some areas, transparency issues remain in Polish healthcare according to new research from our Department of Social & Policy Sciences.

Unreasonable demands lead to substantial rise in perfectionism among young people

Perfectinist tendencies are growing in young people, according to a new study published today from our Department for Health.

Dirty gold

'Gut instinct’ trumps ‘evidence’ when voting

A new economics study has looked at how people use different types of information when it comes to making voting decisions.

Graduate chosen for globally recognised Schwarzman Scholars

A graduate from the University of Bath has been selected for the third class of the prestigious Schwarzman Scholars Master’s degree programme at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Launch of UNICEF database ‘a public good’ to address social policy challenges in MENA region

The outputs of an Bath IMI - UNICEF collaboration will help map expertise in social policy across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Act now to tackle online child sexual abuse, urges new report

A new psychology report launched today with the NSPCC will call for swift action to stem the dramatic increase in online abuse cases in the UK.

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

An interdisciplinary project led by researchers at our University has won a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Research Award.

Professor Salkovskis receives MB Shapiro Award

Paul Salkovskis has been awarded this year's BPS MB Shapiro Award - awarded in recognition to those having achieved eminence in their profession.

New study reveals how breakfast affects our fat cells

A new paper from our health researchers shows how eating breakfast can help your metabolism.

Language and cultural activities for staff and students

Please join us to discover the beauty of studying and working on an international campus, through a variety of talks, social activities and language taster classes and anectodes of students' experiences abroad.

Nick Startin launches Handbook of Euroscepticism

Watch a recording of the Facebook Live event

What next for Germany as Merkel myth implodes?

CNN talks to professor Charles Lees

New Masters in Public Policy in 2018

This specialist MSc offers the opportunity to delve into how public policy is made, what shapes it, and how to make a real difference as a policymaker.

Tes talks to… Professor Paul Stallard

The clinical psychologist discusses children’s mental health, exam pressures and social media.

Biobanding evaluation nets positive results among academy football teams

Learn about our latest health research and hear Dr Sean Cumming talk about his research at today's IMI lecture.

Study highlights how community violence fosters antisocial behaviour in kids

New psychology research highlights the links between community violence and antisocial behaviour in young people.