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IPR: Brexit and International Trade

Dr Maria Garcia (PoLIS) on the immediate impact of Brexit on international trade

In the shadows of empire: Anglosphere dream lives on

Latest IPR blog post

A new book from Dr Peter Allen: 'The Political Class'

'The Political Class' challenges us to rethink who governs Britain

BBC R4 Prof Nick Pearce (IPR): The Briefing Room

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) on Radio 4’s The Briefing Room discussing what goes on in the Home Office

A view of Brexit and its impact on industrial strategy

Dr Felicia Fai Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), blogs on the impact of Brexit on the UK's Industrial Stragey

Targeted approach to NHS Health Checks

A recent public health study of NHS Health Checks in Bristol has found disparities in the groups attending

Young people with behavioural problems ‘wired differently’

Latest research from psychologists and neuroscientists points to subtle differences in brain connectivity impacting young people with Conduct Disorder

Brexit and UK Financial Services: Where Do We Stand?

Time has moved on since the Referendum on 23rd June 2016 but enormous uncertainty still surrounds the UK’s trading and economic relationships with the EU

Prof. Dylan Thompson on 'The Truth About Obesity'

Professor Dylan Thompson from the Department for Health speaks to BBC 1's 'The Truth About Obesity'

Prof Edmund Keogh: Sex and gender differences in pain

Professor Edmund Keogh from the Dept of Psychology talks to the Pain Research Forum about gender differences in pain

Post-Brexit Britain and Enoch Powell’s troubling legacy

It is 50 years since his notorious “rivers of blood” speech. Yet, in the intervening decades, Powell’s ideas have entered the political mainstream to take revenge on a complacent establishment

Marginalised young adults key to looming labour shortage

With labour shortages looming in construction, agriculture and retail, a cross-sector coalition is calling on business to target talented, marginalised young people

Athletics research from Dr Aki Salo in The Telegraph

Why sprinting on the inside track could cost athletes a medal

Four reasons to get involved in the parkrun movement

Dr Gareth Wiltshire (Dept for Health) discusses the Park Run phenomenon and the positive benefits it can bring

IPR launches Universal Credit study

A new project will look at the impact of Universal Credit on families balancing work, money and care

Russia, Novichok and British government misinformation

Professor David Miller looks at the British Government narrative to the Salisbury poisoning and explores the propaganda, media hype and sensationalism surrounding the affair

How parents can support children after traumatic events

Rachel Hiller and Sarah Halligan from the Department of Psychology on the importance of a child's mental well-being after a traumatic event

Hon Professor Tony Walter: death and paradise

How does belief influence the way people approach death? Prof Tony Walter (Dept of Social and Policy Sciences) joins other experts to discuss the subject

Academy of Social Sciences recognition for Professors

Alma Harris and Nick Pearce have been named Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences

David Miller (SPS) on powerful institutions and the super-rich

David Miller (SPS) on why we should aim our attention at powerful institutions and the super-rich