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Researcher pitches concerns over surveillance

Shaun Williams has been speaking about the implications of endless monitoring and evaluation on learning environments

Exercise classes for elderly are working miracles

Exercise in later life really does work and there’s proof right here in Bath where little miracles are happening every day

ITV report: What's putting GPs in the SW off the job?

ITV outlines the findings of a study by Dr Michael Harris, Honorary Research Fellow in the Department for Health and former GP

Healthy ageing study recruiting over 65s

The REACT research group is looking for new participants aged 65 & over based in the Bath area

Marlboro accused of using tins to get round new ban on branding

Dr Karen Evans-Reeves (Department for Health) is quoted in an article in The Guardian.

Targeted exercise programme can dramatically cut injuries in youth rugby

A major new study from our Department for Health with the RFU highlights the dramatic effect of a new exercise protocol on injury prevention in rugby.

Get a free health check with our new fasting study

Take part in our health study into the effects of intermittent fasting

Get the most out of exercise by working out on empty stomach

Exercising on an empty stomach is likely to bring important health benefits in how the body uses stored fat according to a new study from our health researchers.

Free 3-month gym membership for men aged 65 to 80

We're looking for men aged 65 to 80 for a new study to help us understand more about what happens when we can’t be active for a few weeks.

Podcast - Impact in Rugby Union: tackling safety with science

In this podcast of his inaugural lecture, Professor Stokes explore injury risk in Rugby Union from schoolboy level through to professional players.

University hosts Invictus Games trials for second year running

The University today welcomed HRH Prince Harry and UK Invictus Games athletic hopefuls.

Prince Harry visits RFU Injured Players Foundation at University

HRH Prince Harry was on campus today meeting our rugby science team as part of the Invictus Games UK team trials.

Challenges in energy & healthcare

Apply to attend a GW4 research sandpit to develop research collaborations and specific project proposals

Top up on carbs before and during run to reach finish line quickly

New research from the Department for Health suggests topping up on carbs both before and during a run to hit the finish line quickly and avoid hitting the wall.

Roller derby is mashing up gender norms in sport – here’s how

Simone Fullagar, Professor in Sport & Physical Cultural Studies writes for The Conversation

A new way to teach children about eating disorders

Dr Emma Rich & Professor Simone Fullagar (Health) coauthor an article for The Conversation UK

Get help making a healthy lifestyle change

Our Department for Health has developed a new health programme and need help in testing its effectiveness.

Get active with our latest health study

Receive a free, tailored exercise training plan as part of our study into the effects of breakfast on exercising

The science of the hangover: podcast with Sally Adams

In a special episode of Say Why to Drugs, Dr Suzi Gage talks to our researcher Dr Sally Adams about why we feel so wretched the day after a heavy drinking session, and what it's like conducting research in this area.

Male volunteers wanted for new research

Men aged 20-35 or 60-85 needed to help us study healthy ageing - Get a free health check!