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Event report: The challenge of improving social mobility

Sir Nick Clegg and a range of expert speakers discussed social mobility at a University of Bath conference in London

HE Financing – lessons learnt & future options

IPR: Principles for global data governance

Professor James Davenport on the security of credit card info and cyber security on both sides of the Atlantic

IPR: Prof. Sue Maguire on economically inactive young people

Who cares? Exploring economic inactivity among young people in the NEET group

New Masters in Public Policy in 2018

This specialist MSc offers the opportunity to delve into how public policy is made, what shapes it, and how to make a real difference as a policymaker.

IPR Blog: The atrophy of the German party system

UK ‘ill prepared’ for death and dying

IPR Policy Brief highlights challenges which should act as a catalyst to rethink our approach to death and dying

Looking to the future: Saudi Arabia & Vision 2030

Majid Bin Ayed Al-Ayed, who is studying for his Professional Doctorate in Policy Research & Practice with the IPR, discusses Vision 2030, the blueprint for Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic transformation.

Research challenges ethnic diversity

New IPR Policy Brief looks at ethnic diversity and composition of students attending UK universities

Politics, fake news & the post-truth era

The IPR’s 2017 symposium will examine public policy and politics on 14 Sep in the current age of disruption

IPR blog: I’m not English. Oh, yes you are!

A blog post by Anthony Barnett, writer and Founder of openDemocracy.

Civic data gets sexy

A blog post by Jon Poole, Research & Intelligence Manager at Bath & North East Somerset Council, who works with the IPR on the project 'Connecting data across public services in Bath & North East Somerset'.

IPR appoints new Reader in Public Policy

Dr Matt Dickson is to become Reader in Public Policy in the Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

The ground has shifted. Is the time right for basic income?

Joe Chrisp is a PhD student at the IPR, whose doctoral research focuses on the feasibility of a universal basic income.

Brexit trade-offs damaging for London

Open letter from city leaders to Government marks publication of new report by Centre for London & IPR

Labour has infused politics with youth – but old order remains

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) writes for the New Statesman.

Basic Income: Have austerity’s chickens come home to roost?

A blog post about basic income from IPR Policy Fellow Dr Jurgen De Wispelaere

Kerbside recycling: does it deliver?

Many households view dry recycling at the kerbside or at the recycling centre as substitutes for each other

Skills & global value chains: a story of winners & losers

Professor Hugh Lauder writes for the IPR blog about the OECD's newest instalment of its Skills Outlook series.

Practical implications of basic income

The Institute for Policy Research analyses how basic income could affect people’s motivation to work