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IPR: Brexit and International Trade

Dr Maria Garcia (PoLIS) on the immediate impact of Brexit on international trade

In the shadows of empire: Anglosphere dream lives on

Latest IPR blog post

BBC R4 Prof Nick Pearce (IPR): The Briefing Room

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) on Radio 4’s The Briefing Room discussing what goes on in the Home Office

A view of Brexit and its impact on industrial strategy

Dr Felicia Fai Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), blogs on the impact of Brexit on the UK's Industrial Stragey

Post-Brexit Britain and Enoch Powell’s troubling legacy

It is 50 years since his notorious “rivers of blood” speech. Yet, in the intervening decades, Powell’s ideas have entered the political mainstream to take revenge on a complacent establishment

Marginalised young adults key to looming labour shortage

With labour shortages looming in construction, agriculture and retail, a cross-sector coalition is calling on business to target talented, marginalised young people

IPR launches Universal Credit study

A new project will look at the impact of Universal Credit on families balancing work, money and care

Russia’s Presidential election result

Vladimir Putin secured a 4th term in office but did the uncompetitive election make him a lame duck?

Professor Nick Pearce on the Anglosphere post Brexit

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) Radio 4 Today on the Anglosphere post Brexit

IPR: Leaving fossils behind for the future of transport

One of the key challenges we face as a species in the 21st century is how to co-exist with nature in a sustainable manner

Event report: The challenge of improving social mobility

Sir Nick Clegg and a range of expert speakers discussed social mobility at a University of Bath conference in London

HE Financing – lessons learnt & future options

IPR: Principles for global data governance

Professor James Davenport on the security of credit card info and cyber security on both sides of the Atlantic

IPR: Prof. Sue Maguire on economically inactive young people

Who cares? Exploring economic inactivity among young people in the NEET group

New Masters in Public Policy in 2018

This specialist MSc offers the opportunity to delve into how public policy is made, what shapes it, and how to make a real difference as a policymaker.

IPR Blog: The atrophy of the German party system

UK ‘ill prepared’ for death and dying

IPR Policy Brief highlights challenges which should act as a catalyst to rethink our approach to death and dying

Looking to the future: Saudi Arabia & Vision 2030

Majid Bin Ayed Al-Ayed, who is studying for his Professional Doctorate in Policy Research & Practice with the IPR, discusses Vision 2030, the blueprint for Saudi Arabia’s ambitious economic transformation.

Research challenges ethnic diversity

New IPR Policy Brief looks at ethnic diversity and composition of students attending UK universities

Politics, fake news & the post-truth era

The IPR’s 2017 symposium will examine public policy and politics on 14 Sep in the current age of disruption