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A new book from Dr Peter Allen: 'The Political Class'

'The Political Class' challenges us to rethink who governs Britain

Brexit and UK Financial Services: Where Do We Stand?

Time has moved on since the Referendum on 23rd June 2016 but enormous uncertainty still surrounds the UK’s trading and economic relationships with the EU

Oscar highlights Chile’s long battle for LGBTI rights

The Oscars success of Sebastián Lelio’s film, A Fantastic Woman, couldn’t be more opportune in its timing with it's impact gradually gathering pace

Refugees and economic migrants

Find out more about the politics of immigration in this two minute explainer by Dr Jason Hart

Coalition-making in the 2018 Italian election

Sierra Leone goes to the polls on 7 March

Explanations of political ambition

A new PoLIS study highlights what drives political ambition in prospective MPs and councillors

Language and cultural activities for staff and students

Please join us to discover the beauty of studying and working on an international campus, through a variety of talks, social activities and language taster classes and anectodes of students' experiences abroad.

Nick Startin launches Handbook of Euroscepticism

Watch a recording of the Facebook Live event

What next for Germany as Merkel myth implodes?

CNN talks to professor Charles Lees

How Catalonia and Spain can be brought back from the brink

Dr Paul Kennedy writes that a further revision of Catalonia’s regional Statute, or even an amendment of the constitution, could be possible options for enabling both sides to come to a solution

We’ve got to talk: The militarization of biotechnology

Brett Edwards (PoLIS) discusses the debate about the security implications of cutting-edge biotechnology.

Wali Aslam on Afghan war after Pakistan prime minister ousted

Is Hollywood influenced by Washington?

The US government's role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

Spate of acid attacks in London is part of international problem

Brett Edwards, lecturer in PoLIS, has co-authored an article for The Conversation

New research podcast launched

Have you ever wondered what links Brexit and football or pondered how yeast can tackle deforestation?

Sex, drugs & the Mafia: Exhibition featured in Newsweek

Exclusive photos of life in the streets of the Mafia are featured in Newsweek

Denials & accusations about sarin use in Syria

Brett Edwards (PoLIS) writes for The Conversation.

Conference reveals true impacts of organised crime across West

Today marks the start of a major two-day conference on organised crime, convened by researchers in POLIS

A weak government may do better Brexit deal than a strong one

Timo Kivimäki, Professor of International Relations in PoLIS, shares his thoughts on Brexit negotiations.