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Should the statues fall? From antagonistic to agonistic memory

Do statues and other iconoclastic material honouring, for example, colonialists such as Cecil Rhodes and slave-owners such as Confederate President Jefferson Davies, help to perpetuate the injustices of the past. Anna Bull and David Clarke (PoLIS) discuss on The Policy Space.

Purpose in life acts as antidote to adversity

Prefessor Bill Durodie (PoLIS) comments on Manchester bombing and other terrorist attacks.

Bill Durodie on Manchester: Bloomberg (on 15 min)

Bloomberg Daybreak talks to Prof Bill Durodie about Manchester's suicide bomber attack

Why Latin America has not yet fallen out with left-wing politics

Juan Pablo Ferrero, Lecturer in Latin American Studies, and Daniela Bressa Florentin (SPS) co-author an article for The Conversation

Radio 4 Today live from The Edge

Bath honorary graduate Justin Webb presented BBC Radio 4's flagship programme from campus on Monday

French Presidential Election: our PoLIS experts in the media

Over the past few days, Drs Nicholas Startin and Aurélien Mondon (PoLIS) have featured in media coverage worldwide and have a busy week ahead, with engagements on both sides of the English Channel.

Macron may win French election but turbulent waters ahead

Dr Susan Milner, Reader in European Politics (PoLIS), writes for London School of Economics blog

France has not escaped Marine Le Pen just yet: CNN

Aurélien Mondon, senior lecturer in French and comparative politics, writes for CNN about the French elections.

Aurelien Mondon appears on Australian ABC TV

Dr Aurelien Mondon (PoLIS) discusses the French election.

Embassy visit brings French Ambassador to Bath for the first time

We welcomed Her Excellency Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to the UK, to campus last week meetings with PoLIS staff and students.

Opposing Europe in a time of crisis

Dr Nicholas Startin, Senior Lecturer in French & European Politics and Head of PoLIS, writes for the IPR blog

One Young World event puts Bath on the map

Over 70 people joined us on campus for a celebration of One Young World – an organisation that brings together inspiring young leaders to foster lasting connections and positive change.

Racism & the need for nuance in democratic turmoil

Dr Aurélien Mondon, Senior Lecturer in French and Comparative Politics, (PoLIS) writes for the IPR blog.

Protests won’t topple Putin but Kremlin is right to be worried

J. Paul Goode, Senior Lecturer in Russian Politics, writes for The Conversation.

PhD student influences perceptions of US security policy

PoLIS PhD student Diorella Islas presented a new book about Think Tanks in the US at a meeting held in Mexico City.

POLIS academics talk at BRLSI French Elections event tonight

In discussion: Dr Susan Milner and Dr Nicholas Startin. (Dr Steve Wharton will moderate.)

Europe’s mafia clans: young guns with deadly results

Dr Felia Allum, Senior Lecturer in Italian & Politics, writes for The Conversation.

Bill Durodié blogs for IPR: Do warnings work?

Blog post by Bill Durodié, Professor & Chair of International Relations (PoLIS), which also appeared on The Policy Space.

Aurelien Mondon: French National Front has been "very clever"

Aurelien Mondon comments in an article on The Daily Beast titled: "Who the hell would vote for Marine Le Pen?"

Western airpower & the myth of risk-free airstrikes: 23 Mar

Investigative journalist Chris Woods examines recent airpower conflicts, measuring what we publicly know against claims by militaries and governments - and showing that risk free warfare remains a myth.