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Young people with behavioural problems ‘wired differently’

Latest research from psychologists and neuroscientists points to subtle differences in brain connectivity impacting young people with Conduct Disorder

Prof Edmund Keogh: Sex and gender differences in pain

Professor Edmund Keogh from the Dept of Psychology talks to the Pain Research Forum about gender differences in pain

How parents can support children after traumatic events

Rachel Hiller and Sarah Halligan from the Department of Psychology on the importance of a child's mental well-being after a traumatic event

Act now to tackle online child sexual abuse, urges new report

A new psychology report launched today with the NSPCC will call for swift action to stem the dramatic increase in online abuse cases in the UK.

Professor Salkovskis receives MB Shapiro Award

Paul Salkovskis has been awarded this year's BPS MB Shapiro Award - awarded in recognition to those having achieved eminence in their profession.

Study highlights how community violence fosters antisocial behaviour in kids

New psychology research highlights the links between community violence and antisocial behaviour in young people.

Royal visit to University’s Centre for Applied Autism Research

On Wednesday 1 November we welcomed HRH The Countess of Wessex to visit our Centre for Applied Autism Research in 10W.

University and JP Morgan Chase collaborate to improve employment chances for people with autism

We're collaborating with JP Morgan Chase to improve employment chances for graduates with autism.

New study into conduct disorder

New findings show antisocial teenagers with CD disorder have difficulty recognising facial expressions

New study reveals emotion recognition difficulties in boys and girls with severe antisocial behaviour

New findings from our Department of Psychology published today show antisocial teenagers with conduct disorder have difficulty recognising facial expressions.

What happens when you introduce 4-year-olds to an OAPs' home

An intergenerational experiment has shown that, within a short timeframe, it is possible to bring about significant enhancement in the well-being of older people.

Volunteers aged 20-30 or over 55 wanted

Take part in our new psychology study to help us understand ageing & its effect on decision-making

How sharing can make a hangover less harrowing

Sally Adams, Christine Griffin and Paula Smith, from the Department of Psychology, have co-authored an article for The Conversation.

Dr Janet Bultitude talks about CRPS on BBC Bristol

Dr Janet Bultitude (Psychology) interviewed on Radio 4 by Phil Hammond

New study reveals that causes of severe antisocial behaviour may differ for boys and girls

New research from the Department of Psychology has highlighted differences in the causes of the condition conduct disorder in boys and girls.

Food allergic consumers more confident about eating out

People with food allergies are more confident about eating out since new rules were introduced

Humans hardwired to lean to the right while kissing the world over

A new study into the psychology of kissing may have wider implications for neuroscience and cognitive sciences.

President-elect of leading CBT body

Prof Paul Salkovskis will start as President of British Assoc for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies in Aug 2018

Do you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Take part in our latest study to help us improve treatments for people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - a severe chronic pain condition.

Study reveals new insights into rare chronic pain condition

New findings from our Centre for Pain Research could help people living with the condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).