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Russia, Novichok and British government misinformation

Professor David Miller looks at the British Government narrative to the Salisbury poisoning and explores the propaganda, media hype and sensationalism surrounding the affair

Hon Professor Tony Walter: death and paradise

How does belief influence the way people approach death? Prof Tony Walter (Dept of Social and Policy Sciences) joins other experts to discuss the subject

Academy of Social Sciences recognition for Professors

Alma Harris and Nick Pearce have been named Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences

David Miller (SPS) on powerful institutions and the super-rich

David Miller (SPS) on why we should aim our attention at powerful institutions and the super-rich

Emma Carmel (SPS) talks immigration post Brexit

Emma Carmel (SPS) on BBC’s Sunday Politics talking immigration post Brexit

Nick Clegg to speak on social mobility

Sir Nick Clegg will speak as part of a series of conferences and seminars organised by the University

Luisa Enria (SPS) writes on Sierra Leone’s upcoming elections

New studies reveal challenges to transparency in healthcare in Central Europe

Despite progress in some areas, transparency issues remain in Polish healthcare according to new research from our Department of Social & Policy Sciences.

Launch of UNICEF database ‘a public good’ to address social policy challenges in MENA region

The outputs of an Bath IMI - UNICEF collaboration will help map expertise in social policy across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Bath research project recognised by RIBA

An interdisciplinary project led by researchers at our University has won a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Research Award.

‘Community Matters’ celebrates strength of local research partnerships

The fruits of a major public engagement initiative, Community Matters, will be unveiled at an event in the Guildhall taking place today.

From BBC Bristol to ABC Sydney

Justin Rogers (SPS) has been engaging with the media about Fostering Hope, community-based research

Professor Jane Millar announced as Social Sciences REF Chair

Professor Jane Millar will be the Chair of the REF Social Sciences Panel for 2021.

An election to challenge – or intensify – neoliberalism?

Bryn Jones (SPS), co-author of "Alternatives to Neoliberalism", argue that a ‘hard Brexit’ under a Tory government would strengthen, not challenge, the neoliberal agenda.

Dirty Gold: SPS researcher talks at Chatham House event

Dr Michael Bloomfield (Social & Policy Sciences), spoke at Chatham House, London on the expanding role of business in global environmental politics.

Should the statues fall? From antagonistic to agonistic memory

Do statues and other iconoclastic material honouring, for example, colonialists such as Cecil Rhodes and slave-owners such as Confederate President Jefferson Davies, help to perpetuate the injustices of the past. Anna Bull and David Clarke (PoLIS) discuss on The Policy Space.

From Brexit to European renewal

Professor Graham Room (Social & Policy Sciences) discusses the way forward for Europe on the IPR blog.

Why Latin America has not yet fallen out with left-wing politics

Juan Pablo Ferrero, Lecturer in Latin American Studies, and Daniela Bressa Florentin (SPS) co-author an article for The Conversation

Bath PhD researcher talks about serving as Magistrate

Nicky Stubbs (SPS) was just 19 when he was sworn in, making him then the youngest magistrate in the country.

Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof Stephen Cotgrove

Cotgrove was described as a dominating figure in British Sociology during the 60's and 70's