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Mighty morphing molecules

Work by University scientists has opened a new way to tailor applications in future technologies

Identifying the building blocks for drug development

Dr Jody Mason has received a Pioneer Award from Cancer Research UK to work on a new way to screen molecules in the fight against cancer

Scientists find the first bird beak

A rare fossil from an early bird gives a unique insight into how modern birds evolved

Staff Spotlight on...Vasanta Subramanian

This week's spotlight is on Dr Vasanta Subramanian who discusses ‘Disease in a Dish’ and table tennis

Single fathers in birds bring up young

A new study from the Milner Centre finds an imbalance of the sexes leads to single parenting in birds

Selene Fernandez-Valverde joins the Milner Centre

Selene Fernandez-Valverde has received a Royal Society Fellowship to work with the Milner Centre for Evolution for three years

Enigmatic gene is crucial to brain development

University scientists have shown that an enigmatic gene is crucial to healthy brain development through

University enters drug discovery deal with Sapience Therapeutics

Dr Jody Mason from the Department of Biology & Biochemistry and the University have entered into a research collaboration agreement with biotech company Sapience Therapeutics Inc.

The Milner Centre for Evolution project update

Welcome to the 15th monthly update aimed at keeping you up to speed on the new Milner Centre for Evolution Project

Genes provide clues to how new cell types could evolve

Biologists have uncovered how a family of essential genes interacts could offer clues about how new types of cells come to evolve

New research centre established: C3Bio

C3Bio brings together researchers from engineering, physical, life and social sciences to work on different aspects of biosensors, bioelectronics and biodevices

Sleepwalking into a mass extinction: The most biodiverse aquatic communities may be the most vulnerable to extinction

Species that live in symbiosis with others, which often occur in the most delicately balanced and threatened marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, are the slowest to recover their diversity if damaged, according to a team of scientists including researchers from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath.

Rare fossils of new flying reptiles species

Dr Nick Longrich from the Milner Centre for Evolution discovers several new species of pterosaurs

Fossils found of giant flying creatures wiped out with the dinosaurs

Fossils of six new species of pterosaurs, giant flying reptiles that flew over the heads of the dinosaurs, have been discovered by a team of researchers led by the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath.

ALS-linked protein’s journey more complex than we thought

ALS-linked protein’s journey into nervous system cells more complex than we thought

University of Bath scientists have developed a better understanding of a key protein associated with brain diseases including ALS (motor neurone disease) and dementia by studying how it enters central nervous system cells.

Evolution acceptance in children linked to aptitude, not belief

In contrast to adults, acceptance of evolution in schoolchildren in the UK is linked to their scientific aptitude rather than conflicts with belief systems, say scientists at our Milner Centre for Evolution.

Wildlife conservation needs effective governance more than GDP or space

Protecting an area for wildlife can work—but only if there is robust political governance. That’s the research conclusion of twenty-three years of bird counting by an international team of researchers, including a scientist from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath and published in the journal Nature.

University nominated for animal research openness award

The University of Bath was nominated for the ‘Media Engagement’ award at the recent Understanding Animal Research (UAR) Openness Awards.

Children visit to learn about evolution

The evolution workshop was held to celebrate the topping out of the new Milner Centre building