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Expressions of Research exhibition - art engaging with research

Find out how artists have been working with our researchers at the Expressions of Research exhibition at 94-96 Walcot Street, Bath, 11am-6pm daily from 18-24 November.

Podcast: A subjective history of subjective probability

Listen to a lecture where Professor Colin Fox presents a history of the Bayesian inference and subjective probability, as viewed by a Bayesian Physicist.

Megapixel! Help us a create a huge pixel image: Mon-Wed

Next week our Maths Department, in collaboration with the Further Maths Support Programme, will be trying to create a huge pixel image - made from individual pixels coloured by the general public using only red, green and blue, to illustrate the way most digital screens use only red, green and blue light to create full colour displays.

MASH celebrates national award

Emma Cliffe named as national winner of 2016 Outstanding Contribution to Mathematics Support award

Math Sci receives bronze Athena Swan award

We have exceeded the target we set ourselves in 2013: to move from no departmental awards to at least eight

Come along to IMI's first Open House: Thu 20 Oct

Would you like to know more about IMI, our current work and how you can get involved? All researchers and PhD students are warmly invited to the fortnightly IMI Open House.

MCMC thematic semester

Take part to further the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method in research across campus

Outdoor air pollution exceeds WHO limits for 90% of UK population

A model developed by an international team of scientists led by Dr Gavin Shaddick (Mathematical Sciences) estimates that more than 92% of the world's population live in areas with outdoor pollution levels that exceed the WHO recommended limits.

Chaos & the art of visualising complexity: Fri 14 Oct

Join us for an IMI lecture by Professor Michael Field from Imperial College, London and Rice University, USA.

Student wins funding to commercialise app

Maths & Physics student Azhar Jamal entered the Jisc Student Ideas Competition 2016 and has now secured funding to commercialise his own app idea 'Stuiz'.

From science to policy: The long road to US Ozone standard

In this talk at the BRLSI on Wednesday 21 September, world-renowned scientist Professor Jim Zidek will describe his involvement in setting US ozone standards, which exemplifies how many scientists today find themselves at the centre of the policy-making process.

New Global Chair joins the IMI

Professor Colin Fox brings international expertise to Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Can disabled athletes outcompete able-bodied athletes?

Dr Christian Yates, Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, writes for the Conversation.

How maths and driverless cars could end traffic jams

Dr Lorna Wilson, IMI Commercial Research Associate, has written an article for The Conversation about a future free of traffic jams

Mongolian maths: bridging the gap

SAMBa co-director Andreas Kyprianou is helping get Mongolian mathematics back on the map

SAMBa student wins women scientist award

Tsoogii Saizmaa, from Mongolia, has won a Schlumberger Foundation fellowship

Taking SAMBa to Brazil to link with industry

The Uni of São Paulo is using SAMBa's Integrative Think Tank model to generate industry partnerships

The maths behind the fastest person on Earth

Kit Yates (Mathematical Sciences) writes for the Conversation.

Why does time seem to go by more quickly as we get older?

Dr Christian Yates, Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, writes for the Conversation.

Olympian says Bath is 'easy decision' for student-athletes

Watch Maths student Joe Choong talk about how the University is helping him to fullfil his Olympic dream.