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Chancellor visits University of Bath to mark Founders Day

The University of Bath marked its Founders Day on Tuesday 6 March with a lecture by Professor Sheila Rowan on gravitational waves, followed by a reception hosted by the Chancellor HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Light captured alongside a gravitational wave for the first time ever

University of Bath astrophysicists have been closely involved in the first ever combined detection of both light and gravitational waves from the merging of two neutron stars, a cataclysmic cosmic event.

Carole Mundell talks to BBC World Service

An international team of scientists, including Professor Mundell, have captured Gamma Ray Bursts - the biggest explosions in the Universe - in unprecedented detail for the first time.

Universe's biggest explosions captured in unprecedented detail

An international team of scientists, including from the University of Bath, have captured the most complete picture yet of the most powerful type of explosion in the universe – Gamma Ray Bursts - unravelling the long-standing mystery of what powers them.

Distant galaxies are dominated by gas and stars - where is the Dark Matter?

New observations of galaxies forming 10 billion years ago show they are dominated by “normal” matter, with so-called “dark matter” present in much smaller quantities than expected.

Podcast: Beauty & hidden charm - Large Hadron Collider

In his inaugural lecture, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Nick Brook, discusses some of the latest results from an experiment that uses the Large Hadron Collider.

New podcast: The ESA’s mission to Jupiter

In this William Herschel Society lecture, Dr Nigel Bannister, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester, talks about the engineering challenges of mounting a mission to the largest planet in the solar system which is scheduled to launch in 2022.

Thur: European Space Agency’s Jupiter mission

Dr Nigel Bannister will outline the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in this Herschel Society lecture

Carole Mundell featured in Huffington Post

Professor Carole Mundell has been interviewed as part of the Women In Business Q&A series.

The greatest movie ever made: directed by astronomers, starring our Universe

Our scientists are part of an international consortium building a new telescope, dubbed the world's largest digital camera, that will be able to take pictures of the entire visible sky in just three nights.

Message from aliens or colliding objects?

Professor Carole Mundell, Head of Astrophysics, writes for The Conversation.

Carole Mundell shortlisted for national tech award

Carole Mundell has been named as a finalist in the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards

Bath Professor named as finalist for national tech award

Professor Carole Mundell has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year's FDM everywoman Women in Technology Awards.

IMI public lecture: Big bangs & black holes: Fri 27 Nov

This free public lecture by Carole Mundell, Professsor of Extragalactic Astronomy and Head of Astrophysics, is to open to everyone, but please register your attendance.

Will the world end because of a White Dwarf?

Professor Carole Mundell (Head of Astrophysics) talks to BBC Radio Somerset about how the world will end.

Lessons from the Universe: event review

Watch this video of Professor Carole Mundell sharing her Lessons from the Universe to a wide audience of academic staff, support staff, researchers and students.

The Herschel Space Observatory: Thu 26 Nov

A free lecture by Dr Chris North, astrophysicist from Cardiff University, at 7pm, in 8W1.1.

A glimpse into how the Earth could end its days

Professor Carole Mundell (Physics) has written an article for The Conversation about a planet which has recently been destroyed by a dead star, which shows how the earth might be destroyed in the future.

LITEbox: Lessons from the Universe

23 Oct: Prof Carole Mundell will discuss research-enriched teaching & the role technology can play

Professor Carole Mundell talks to BBC Radio Bristol

Professor Carole Mundell talks to BBC Radio Bristol's Steve Yabsley about astrophysics and her own journey into the field.