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PhD student wins prize for quantum electronics & photonics

Research Associate Dr Jamie Francis-Jones has won the Institute of Physics Research Prize for his research which focuses on how sources of single photons, individual particles of light, may be improved by using optical switches in a technique known as multiplexing.

Major €5M project to improve heart disease treatment with smart pacemaker technology

Creating a new generation of advanced pacemakers which adapt to the demands of a patient’s body is the goal of a new €5M international research consortium led by the University of Bath.

Funeral arrangements of Dr Robert Jones (formerly of Physics)

We regret to announce the death of Dr Robert Jones, a former member of the School (now Department) of Physics, on 7 December.

Podcast: Beauty & hidden charm - Large Hadron Collider

In his inaugural lecture, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Nick Brook, discusses some of the latest results from an experiment that uses the Large Hadron Collider.

New podcast: The ESA’s mission to Jupiter

In this William Herschel Society lecture, Dr Nigel Bannister, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester, talks about the engineering challenges of mounting a mission to the largest planet in the solar system which is scheduled to launch in 2022.

Professor Carole Mundell new Head of Physics Department

Professor Carole Mundell will be leading the strategic direction of our Department of Physics. Carole is taking over from Professor Simon Bending as the new Head of Department from Tuesday 1 November.

Thur: European Space Agency’s Jupiter mission

Dr Nigel Bannister will outline the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in this Herschel Society lecture

Podcast: A subjective history of subjective probability

Listen to a lecture where Professor Colin Fox presents a history of the Bayesian inference and subjective probability, as viewed by a Bayesian Physicist.

Phil Salmon & Anita Zeidler begin sabbatical in USA

Glass experts Professor Phil Salmon and Research Fellow Anita Zeidler recently began their six-month sabbatical at Corning's Sullivan Park Research Center, USA.

How to...combat climate change: Thu 13 Oct

Join Bath researchers for a fascinating evening of discussions & debate about a subject which affects us all

MCMC thematic semester

Take part to further the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method in research across campus

Carole Mundell featured in Huffington Post

Professor Carole Mundell has been interviewed as part of the Women In Business Q&A series.

Student wins funding to commercialise app

Maths & Physics student Azhar Jamal entered the Jisc Student Ideas Competition 2016 and has now secured funding to commercialise his own app idea 'Stuiz'.

Tropical crow species is highly skilled tool user

An international team of scientists, including Dr Richard James from the Department of Physics, and conservation experts has discovered that the critically-endangered Hawaiian crow, or ‘Alalā, is a highly proficient tool user, according to a paper published today in the leading scientific journal Nature.

Bath graduate risks her life as MAF pilot to save others

Physics graduate Becki Dillingham, a MAF pilot who travels to some of the most remote parts of Africa to help those in need, has been featured on the Express website.

Anita Zeidler wins award for research on structure of glass

Dr Anita Zeidler (Physics) has been recognised by the Society of Glass Technology with the Alastair Pilkington Award 2016 for her work on the structure of glass-forming materials at high pressures/temperatures.

The way ahead for marine renewable energy research

The University of Bath hosted the prestigious 3rd PRIMaRE Conference to address challenges facing the marine renewable energy industry at the regional, national and international level.

Department of Physics - commited to equality

The Department of Physics has been awarded Institute of Physics (IoP) Juno Practitioner status, which recognises departments that demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics, and encourage better practice for both women and men.

Optical fibre research at Royal Society Science Exhibition

Dr William Wadsworth and his team will be showcasing their research on optical fibres at the UK’s most prestigious annual science exhibition in London this week.

Strengthening cross-campus collaboration

IMI will welcome nine academics seconded from across the University to foster innovative research