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Watch your speed on Widcombe Hill & Claverton Hill

Staff and students are reminded to drive and cycle with care.

Stay safe: transport safety

The University has a legal responsibility to it's staff, students and users of its facilities to ensure that driving, cycling and using transport on campus or on University business is as safe as reasonably possible.

Computer Workstation Risk Assessment course: Fri 3 Oct

This course will enable assessors in departments to conduct and record computer workstation risk assessments for their colleagues with confidence and in accordance with legal requirements.

Could you be a Stop Smoking Adviser?

As part of our Health and Wellbeing program, the University Health, Safety & Environment Service (UHSE) wants to hear from staff members who may be interested in becoming volunteer Stop Smoking Advisers.

Broken mirror - Recovering from abuse: Fri 9 May

In this powerful and inspiring talk, a survivor of childhood abuse and domestic violence speaks about the recovery process and support that she found helpful.

New video about mental health issues

Students' Union releases Campus TV video highlighting University's Time to Change campaign

Women's Network - Eating for health & vitality: Tue 11 Mar

The Women's Development Network will be holding a workshop to explore how what we eat can have consequences for our optimum performance at work and in other aspects of our lives. Please register to attend by 4 March.

We've pledged to end mental health stigma

The Uni & the SU have both pledged to end negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems

Time to Talk Day- Mental health awareness: Thu 6 Feb

In support of MIND’s ‘Time to Change’ campaign, we are launching a series of events to raise mental health awareness across campus

Electrical safety - Use of extension cables

Please remember not to use high wattage electrical appliances such as kettles, fridges and heaters with extension cables; such appliances should be plugged directly into the mains wall socket so that there is only one plug to one socket.

Invacuation siren

Do you know what to do when the invacuation siren sounds?

Invacuation and Fire Safety Training

Both courses are available on Moodle or can be accessed by the Staying Safe and Well website.

Computer workstation risk assessment (for departmental assessors) 11 September

This course will enable assessors in departments to conduct and record computer workstation risk assessments for their colleagues.

How to respond to an emergency on campus

To continue to ensure the safety of everyone on campus during an emergency situation we have revised both our invacuation - taking shelter – procedure and evacuation procedure.