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Researcher training - Build resilience & keep going: Thu 4 May

How to keep going, with a degree of enthusiasm, in an atmosphere of short-term contracts, small promise of tenure and the insecurity of a rapidly changing and highly competitive funding environment.

Building confidence & assertiveness: Thu 4 May

If you would rather feel the ground under your feet than the butterflies in your stomach, then this workshop is for you.

Getting the most out of Research Relationships: Mon 27 Mar

In this workshop researchers will look at different aspects of successful relationships in a research context, bringing in some useful theories that can help us to be more effective and confident in managing difficult conversations and influencing and negotiating with others.

Ethics approval process is now electronic

Research active academics please note: the new Electronic Ethics Form & approval process is now live

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome: Mon 27 Mar

If you have ever doubted your ability, or thought, "I just got lucky this time", “I worry that others will discover how little I know” or “I only got that opportunity because people were being kind to me”, this is an indication that you have experienced Imposter Syndrome.

Media Training – TV and Radio: Tue 21 Mar

This course will build your confidence in giving radio and TV interviews, and explaining your research to a non-specialist audience in a limited time (which will stand researchers in good stead for other career situations like conferences and public debates).

New electronic research ethics process

Research active academics: in mid-March we will launch our new Electronic Ethics Form & approval process

Research staff:what improvements you would like to see?

The Research Staff Working Group is interested to hear about your experiences of working as a researcher at the University and what improvements you would like to see happening for research staff.

DATE CHANGE: Supporting PhDs in distress: Tue 28 Mar

This workshop is aimed at supervisors who, as part of their role, may be approached by students experiencing distress.

Project Management – an introduction: Wed 9 Nov

This full-day course is intended to be immediately applicable to academic/research projects as well as commercial projects.

Introducing the alternative format thesis: Wed 2 Nov

This session for doctoral supervisors will focus on supporting students to write a thesis that includes publications and what to expect when examining one.

GW4 guide to help plan & manage your research collaboration

The guide contains advice and experiences from a range of academics from the GW4 Alliance and beyond, and features the benefits, challenges and processes of collaboration.

Researchers: Top tips for achieving impact

A new ‘Top tips’ flyer, produced by Research Innovation Services (RIS) and the Impact Operations Group, is a handy reference point for researchers at all levels as we look ahead to the next REF at the start of this new academic year.

Introduction to Pure: Wed 28 Sep

A succinct training course to give you an understanding of how to use Pure effectively for staff who research and/or teach.

Researchers! Book now for development programme

If you are a doctoral student, member of research staff, academic staff or a teaching fellow who would like to further develop your skills, then have a look at the wide range of free workshops we offer and sign up!

Media training for researchers - TV & radio interviews: 29 Jun

This course will build your confidence in giving radio and TV interviews, and explaining your research to a non-specialist audience in a limited time.

Researchers: Are you suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

Wed 22 Jun: A pragmatic and highly participative half-day workshop for research staff and academics raises awareness of Imposter Syndrome, and how it can be managed so that it does not adversely affect performance.

Improving conditions for research staff

We have successfully retained our Award, after being externally evaluated by a national panel of experts

Building successful international collaborations

A series of lunchtime sessions to explore different aspects of international collaborations.

Find out how to maximise the impact of your research: 2 Dec

Impact Pick and Mix: Three sessions back to back. You are welcome to attend all three or dip in and out of if that better suits your needs and availability.