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Bookings now open for 2015/16 researcher development

Are you a PGR, a member of research or academic staff and want to further develop your skills in research management, leadership, personal effectiveness, public engagement, influence, dissemination and impact? Sign up for the wide range of free workshops we offer.

New Prize Fellows scheme

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to announce a new Prize Fellows scheme

GW4 guide to research collaboration

Learn from the advice & real world stories of academics from the universities in the GW4 Alliance

Benefiting from GW4: Tue 23 Jun

The GW4 Information Event on Tuesday 23 June from 3pm until 4.30pm in the 4 West Graduate centre will offer an insight into funding and training available within the alliance.

What on earth is work-life balance?

A workshop will look at the issues surrounding developing a good work-life balance.

Winning funding for PG research studentships: Thu 4 Jun

This course will inform you of some of the opportunities available for funding studentships, including European funding for Innovative Training Networks and Research Council Industrial CASE studentship competition (iCASE).

PhD student? Enter the 'Three Minute Thesis'!

We are launching our first Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition, open to PhD (or equivalent) level students from every discipline.

Media training - TV & radio: Fri 28 Nov

A full-day workshop for all researchers from all disciplines.

Sandpit - Time out for Physics & Chemistry researchers

Five research officers and associates from the Physics and Chemistry Departments came together for a “Sandpit” for five days to get away from the immediate work environment and take the first steps towards writing a fellowship/grant application.

Are you involved in Doctoral Training Partnerships/Centres?

As part of the Building Capacity, Developing People (BCDP) work stream, we are developing a network of GW4-based academics and professional services staff involved with DTPs/CDTs. Please come to a full-day, facilitated workshop on 26 November 2014, at The Watershed in central Bristol.

Training: Communicating your research: Wed 15 Oct

This course is designed to help you communicate your work clearly and effectively to non-specialists such as members of the public and researchers from other disciplines.

Bath Science Academy - career development for research staff

Do you want to pursue a career in Academia but don’t quite know what you need to become a lecturer? This programme, for ambitious and talented members of research staff in the Faculty of Science, aims to give you the insight and knowledge you need to reach the next stage in your academic career.

Building research collaborations: Thu 5 Jun

This workshop includes discussions on the process of building collaborations, the tools you can use to collaborate more effectively, as well as the behaviours you need to adopt to be an effective collaborator.

Training - Strategies for research success: Thu 5 Jun

This workshop, through the use of strategic thinking tools, will encourage researchers to think about what "career" means within a research context and will encourage you to start to think strategically about research opportunities and research avenues which will allow you to reach your career goals.

TV & radio media training - for researchers: 28 May

Good interaction with the media is becoming ever more important for researchers, with the emphasis on impact in the REF.

STEM Busking - street performance of science & engineering

Workshop on Thu 8 May for all staff and postgraduate researchers: Science busking takes live demonstrations and interpretations to people who may never have thought of stepping foot in a science centre or museum.