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Presentation skills course: Mon 26 Jun

This course is suitable for all staff who have to present to others as part of their role: to a small audience within the context of a meeting, or in a larger, more formal setting.

Training - Managing the disciplinary process: Fri 23 Jun

A course for line managers and supervisors to equip you with the skills and knowledge to proactively manage the disciplinary process

Researcher training - Voice & vocal control: Tue 13 Jun

Voice and Vocal Control is a three-hour voice workshop based on theatrical as well as practical experience and aimed towards anyone wishing to develop their vocal ability.

Running effective meetings: Wed 24 May

In this session you will work through some practical steps to ensure future meetings have a purpose, feel collaborative and enable relationships to work.

Training for invigilators: Wed 10 May

This course is designed for all those involved in invigilating University of Bath examinations, regardless of experience.

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Project management basics: Wed 10 May

An introduction to core project management skills for project team members

Planning & leading projects: Tue 9 May

Project Management training for those involved in proposing and gaining approval for projects or leading project teams

SDPR for education & research staff: Fri 7 Apr

The session will work chronologically through the SDPR process, explaining the aims of the different steps, and discuss some case studies that illustrate the kinds of issues and conversations that may arise.

Training - Nuts & bolts of managing people: Mon 3 Apr

An introduction for all new line managers on the responsibilities and processes involved in managing people at the University.

Managing change (for managers & supervisors): Tue 21 Mar

This course is suitable for Managers and Supervisors with experience of managing change who wish to further develop their change-management skills.

Mental Health First Aid course: 27 & 29 March

This course is aimed at all staff, particularly those that support students' well-being, who want to increase their knowledge, confidence and skills in dealing with mental health awareness and disorders.

Building & motivating teams – course for managers: 17 Mar

This training will help managers understand their role in leading their team and have explored the different approaches, qualities and skills required to motivate, empower, reward and develop staff.

Recruitment & selection for interview chairs/panel: 27 Feb

The legal responsibilities will be explained and put into the context of the University's Recruitment & Selection Code of Practice, particularly focusing on those responsibilities held by the panel chair.

Managing course changes for Tier 4 students: Tue 28 Mar

This course will cover the restrictions and requirements for students on Tier 4 visas wishing to change course (including adding a placement year).

Personality styles: understand yourself & others: Tue 7 Mar

This course is designed to enable you to understand your own style, that of others and to enable you to flex your style to communicate more effectively, both inside and outside of work.

Coaching conversations course for managers: 8 Mar

A course for managers, supervisors & team leaders who would benefit from using coaching conversations with individuals and teams within their roles, and who wish to increase their leadership and management of people.

Conflict management course for non-managers: Tue 21 Feb

This course is suitable for all staff who do not have line management responsibility.

Customer service course for managers: Wed 22 Feb

This course aims to enable managers to support their teams in delivering an excellent service to their internal and external customers.

Process improvement course: new dates in Feb & Apr

This one-day workshop encourages innovative thinking and will teach delegates how to apply tried and tested process improvement techniques that can make a positive difference in the working environment.