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Politics, fake news & the post-truth era

The IPR’s 2017 symposium will examine public policy and politics on 14 Sep in the current age of disruption

IPR appoints new Reader in Public Policy

Dr Matt Dickson is to become Reader in Public Policy in the Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

From Brexit to European renewal

The IPR has published a report on Brexit and the future of Europe by Professor Graham Room

Lord Rees: The world in 2050 and beyond

The IPR welcomed Astronomer Royal Lord Rees to lecture on the varying threats to humanity

IPR hosts Article 50 author

Lord John Kerr, author of Article 50, is giving an IPR lecture on campus this evening

Article 50 author Lord Kerr speaks at IPR tonight

Author of Article 50, Lord John Kerr, speaks at IPR tonight.

The empire strikes back: Nick Pearce in New Stateman

Professor Nick Pearce (IPR) coauthors an article comparing comparing the current Government with that of Chamberlain for the New Statesman magazine.

Brexit Redux: Nick Pearce (IPR) blogs on May's speech

Professor Nick Pearce, Director of IPR, asks whether there are any lessons we should be learning from history when negotiating an exit from the EU.

IPR joins CSaP Affiliate Network

The CSaP Affiliate Network extends the benefits of the Policy Fellowship to other universities, and creates engagement between policy and world leading researchers throughout the UK.

From lab bench to backbench: research informs legislation

Three researchers from the University of Bath will be learning how their research can inform legislation when they visit the House of Commons for a week in Westminster.

From lab bench to backbench: University of Bath researchers visit politicians in Westminster

Three researchers from the University of Bath will be learning how their research can inform legislation when they visit the House of Commons for a week in Westminster.

Nick Pearce on Hammond's Autumn Statement

Professor Nick Pearce is Director of our Institute for Policy Research.

Prosperity for all - How to prevent financial crises: 22 Nov

On 22 November, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) welcomes world-leading macro-economist Professor Roger Farmer to discuss the thorny problem of preventing financial crises and ensuring prosperity for all.

Hon grad urges new approach to climate deals

Professor Scott Barrett says the Paris Agreement may not be ambitious enough

Who will shape the future of the data society?

A new initiative called the Public Data Lab is forming to convene researchers, institutions and civil society groups with an interest in the making of data infrastructures, as well as the development of capacities that are required for more people to not only take part in the data society, but also to more meaningfully participate in shaping its future.

Whatever happened to the soft left?

Professor Nick Pearce, Director of the Institute for Policy Research, explores Labour's soft-left tradition

Evidence & the Politics of Policymaking: where next?

On 14 & 15 September, a joint Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Centre for Development Studies (CDS) symposium brought together academics, policymakers and NGO leaders to discuss the crucial role of evidence in policymaking, and to examine critically the process by which data is formalised as evidence that can support effective governance.

IPR blog: Bereavement from drug & alcohol-related deaths

Dr Christine Valentine, Research Associate in the Centre for Death and Society (CDAS), has contributed a blog post titled: 'Drug and alcohol-related deaths: What of those left behind?'

Policy experts speak at sell-out symposium

Heavyweights from domestic and international policymaking gather on campus for latest IPR event

IPR seminar - Brexit, UK automotive & industrial policy: 7 Sep

7 September: IPR seminar with David Bailey Professor of Industrial Strategy at Aston Business School