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Putting culture at centre of public policy

A blog post by Stephen Muers based on his time as one of IPR's Visiting Policy Fellows

IPR blog - After the Referendum: picking up the bits

Professor Graham Room from SPS discusses how to rebuild solidarity after the vote to leave the EU.

Prof Nick Pearce on Labour's challenges: The Observer

Director of IPR Nick Pearce has written an opinion piece describing how the fractured Labour coalition of middle-class liberals and working-class social conservatives could find points of unity on economic policy.

IPR - Confronting uncertainty: Changing face of risk analysis

A blog post, coinciding with the IPR conference on campus this week, by Professor Julie Barnett (Psychology) which discusses integrating the consideration of risk into public policy.

"Informed, sober debate" helps voters

A video recording of last week's Brexit or Bremain debate is now available online

New IPR policy brief explores EU issues

The launch of a new IPR Referendum Policy Brief coincides with tonight's EU Referendum Debate

Brexit could start EU domino effect, warns IPR report

The launch today of a new IPR Referendum Policy Brief coincides with tonight's IPR / School of Management EU Referendum Debate.

Effective management & leadership skills in public sector: 8 Jun

Marcial Boo, Chief Executive of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), and Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey, Dean of our School of Management, will be the speakers at an IPR research seminar.

Migration & EU membership - IPR blog by Emma Carmel

Dr Emma Cartmel (Social & Policy Sciences) contributes a blog post to the IPR series of articles which all relate to the BREXIT debate and the EU Referendum.

Global Chair is IPR international milestone

Leading US academic Professor Janine Wedel will join the Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

Appointment of new IPR Global Chair marks significant international milestone

Leading US academic Professor Janine Wedel, announced as the new IPR Global Chair for the University of Bath’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

Labour, social democracy & the 2020s

In Juncture, a journal by the Institute for Public Policy Research, Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce (IPR) argue that in order to remain relevant, those on the political left must not only apprehend the forces that are shaping the political landscape of the next decade but also determine the ‘new tune’ that will resonate with tomorrow’s voters.

University to establish London facility for research and executive teaching

Our new London facility at 83 Pall Mall will enable closer links with policy-makers, partners and research collaborators.

When will we start debating the future of Europe?

Dr Aurelien Mondon, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies contributes to the new IPR series of blogs related to the BREXIT debate and the EU Referendum.

IPR public lecture: Taxing the rich

Thu 14 Apr: A history of fiscal fairness in the United States & Europe by Professor David Stasavage

IPR blog: Wales and EU membership debate

'The Same, but Different' Dr David Moon on Wales and the debate over EU Membership

IPR blog: The EU debate in Northern Ireland

Blog by Dr Sophie Whiting, Lecturer, Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies.

IPR blog: Basic income & the principles of gender equity

Caitlin McLean, of the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, University of California-Berkeley, writes a post for the IPR blog.

Professor David Nutt discusses Psychoactive Substances Bill

Professor David Nutt is a professor of neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London, chair of, and author of 'Drugs - Without the Hot Air'.

Record employment rates: why is working life not more visible?

Latest blog post from Professor Nick Pearce: Why is the world of work & the experience of working life far less visible in our public discourse & popular culture?