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Environmental diversity in architecture

7 Mar: Professor Koen Steemers will give a presentation after he receives an honorary degree

How to engage audiences with Justin Webb: Thu 2 Feb

Following his honorary degree from the University in 2015, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme presenter Justin Webb will be reflecting on his experiences in journalism and broadcasting to explore the interpersonal skills that are involved in engaging audiences.

An open information age - lunchtime talk: Wed 14 Dec

Pop along to a free talk by Rufus Pollock (Open Knowledge Foundation) at 12:15 on Wednesday 14 December.

Prosperity for all - How to prevent financial crises: 22 Nov

On 22 November, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) welcomes world-leading macro-economist Professor Roger Farmer to discuss the thorny problem of preventing financial crises and ensuring prosperity for all.

Hon degree & lecture by Prof Kaushik Basu

Wed 9 Nov: Award of honorary degree followed by ‘Shared prosperity & the need for a visible hand’ lecture

Thur: European Space Agency’s Jupiter mission

Dr Nigel Bannister will outline the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in this Herschel Society lecture

Fifty years & counting: University of Bath past, present & future

This lecture by Dr Steve Wharton, who has worked at Bath for half of the University’s chartered lifetime, traces a personal view of the (pre-)history of the University to the present, and reflects on what the future might hold.

Hon grad urges new approach to climate deals

Professor Scott Barrett says the Paris Agreement may not be ambitious enough

Chaos & the art of visualising complexity: Fri 14 Oct

Join us for an IMI lecture by Professor Michael Field from Imperial College, London and Rice University, USA.

Sir Anthony Seldon lecture & hon degree

Gerald Walters Lecture on Mon 12 Sep: 11 Cabinet Secretaries 1960-2016 – the most powerful men in Britain

Lecture by David Stasavage

IPR podcast now available - Taxing the rich: A history of fiscal fairness in the United States & Europe

Podcast: The making of a Medicinal Chemist

In this lecture, Professor Mike Threadgill explores the influences and inspirations that have led him to a career in academic medicinal chemistry and reviewed the research of his team over the years.

Rajani Naidoo warns of Higher Education's competition fetish

Professor Rajani Naidoo recently delivered the 2016 Worldviews Annual Lecture on Media and Higher Education, which has since been published on the University World News external website and The Conversation.

Prof Dawes' inaugural: Wed 13 Apr

All invited to a free lecture about Alan Turing's work on mathematical modelling of biological problems

Podcast: Designability - No promises, just possibility

In this Designability lecture, Kate Allatt shares an inspiring story of about self-management, patient engagement, dignity and future assistive technology opportunities.

Can early education help intergenerational mobility? 26 Nov

Professor Greg Duncan, IPR US Alumni Policy Fellow, will give a free IPR public lecture on 26 November.

The Herschel Space Observatory: Thu 26 Nov

A free lecture by Dr Chris North, astrophysicist from Cardiff University, at 7pm, in 8W1.1.

BIME Designability lecture: No promises, just possibilities

47th Annual Designability Lecture with Kate Allatt, founder of Fighting Strokes charity - Thursday 12 November.

Lecture: Sustainability & ethics in the built environment: 28 Oct

The lecture titled ‘Built for Living: understanding behaviour and the built environment through engineering and design’ will be presented by Dr Jeremy Watson, Chief Scientist & Engineer at BRE.

Chris Budd in New Zealand: Does climate change add up?

The University of Auckland has published a review of a public lecture on climate change given by Professor Chris Budd in their Maths Department, where he is a Seelye Fellow.