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Social scientists gather on campus

We are hosting ESRC's Research Methods Festival in The Chancellors' Building this week

Prof Nick Pearce on Labour's challenges: The Observer

Director of IPR Nick Pearce has written an opinion piece describing how the fractured Labour coalition of middle-class liberals and working-class social conservatives could find points of unity on economic policy.

National festival showcases latest trends in research

The University is hosting social scientists from around the UK for the ESRC's Research Methods Festival taking place in the Chancellors' Building this week.

IPR blog by Nick Pearce: The political economy of Brexit

Professor Nick Pearce, Director of the Institute for Policy Research, discusses what may happen in British politics in the wake of the EU Referendum.

IPR blog: Older women & Clinton’s Presidential nomination

Labour, social democracy & the 2020s

In Juncture, a journal by the Institute for Public Policy Research, Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce (IPR) argue that in order to remain relevant, those on the political left must not only apprehend the forces that are shaping the political landscape of the next decade but also determine the ‘new tune’ that will resonate with tomorrow’s voters.

Podcast: The politics of risk and resilience

Professor Bill Durodié's research looks at the causes and consequences of contemporary perceptions of risk, as well as how these are framed and communicated across a range of issues relating to security, science and society.

Just a reminder that Spain still doesn't have a government

Paul Kennedy, Lecturer in Spanish & European Studies, writes for The Conversation

The politics of migration: Mon 7 Mar

A Skype event organised by PoLIS - The Politics of Migration: Selecting Migrants from Refugees in the UK & beyond

Learn something new in 2016

Why not sign up for our free online course about the complexities of 21st Century warfare?

BBC Radio Bristol: Prof Charlie Lees on Labour leadership race

Professor Charlie Lees from the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies, spoke to BBC Bristol about the Labour Leadership election and Jeremy Corbyn's popular appeal

Professor Charles Lees discusses the Labour leadership race

Professor Charles Lees discusses the Labour leadership race in an article in The Conversation

How Britain’s youngest MP became political star

Benjamin Bowman (PoLIS) writes for The Conversation.

How trustworthy are Cameron, Miliband & Clegg?

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of our School of Management, has authored three reports on trustworthy leadership and takes us through an assessment of trustworthiness for Cameron, Miliband and Clegg.

Restoring trust in politics

Dr Bryn Jones (Social & Policy Sciences) explains that voter apathy, Scottish Nationalism, UKIP, the Green surge are all symptoms of mistrust in the political establishment.

Learn more about the warfare debate

Our latest free MOOC course about the complexities of 21st Century warfare starts today

Trouble for Spain’s established political parties

The chances of another coalition

Thoughts from researchers on the possibility of another coalition Government

UKIP-like parties only thrive when allowed by the mainstream

Aurelian Mondon (PoLIS) writes for Open Democracy

The future of the Left: 2015 & beyond: Wed 11 Mar

Working in partnership with the Fabian Society, the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies hosts an evening discussion on future of British left-wing politics.