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Lord Rees: The world in 2050 and beyond

The IPR welcomed Astronomer Royal Lord Rees to lecture on the varying threats to humanity

Musculoskeletal health challenges with Richie Gill: Wed 5 Oct

As part of the Minerva series, this free lecture by Professor Richie Gill (Mech Eng) will describe some major challenges for global healthcare provision and give an overview of the research work being performed at the University of Bath to meet these challenges.

Chris Budd appointed to Britain’s oldest Geometry Professorship

Professor Chris Budd OBE, has been appointed to the oldest mathematical Chair in Britain, the Professorship of Geometry and Other Mathematical Sciences at Gresham College.

IPR public lecture: Taxing the rich

Thu 14 Apr: A history of fiscal fairness in the United States & Europe by Professor David Stasavage

Public lecture: mission into distant space

Come on a journey through space to understand the most distant stars & galaxies: Thu 26 Nov

Lecture - Research & evidence in policymaking: 25 Jun

Director of the IPPR, Nick Pearce is hosting a lecture focused on research & policy in a new political landscape

Public lecture: How cancer treatment can be personalised

Professor Gordon McVie, former Director General of Cancer Research UK, launched a new free public lecture series at the University of Bath this week explaining the science behind developing new cancer treatments to a non-specialist audience.

The future of the Left: 2015 & beyond: Wed 11 Mar

Working in partnership with the Fabian Society, the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies hosts an evening discussion on future of British left-wing politics.

Free public lecture on Sustainability

A free public lecture on Thursday 26 February will explore how professionals can best develop their own sustainable development strategies for their employers or own businesses.

University celebrates its place in the Universe

Our place in the Universe, and using mathematics to make sense of big data will be topics discussed at two free public lectures as part of the University's annual Founders Day celebration on 3 March.

The Nameless Grace - Holly Davey exhibition & talk at Holburne Museum

A look at the forgotten existence of the Holburne sisters: a co-commission between ICIA and The Holburne Museum, Bath.

Podcast: Taming the Somerset Levels

In this podcast, archaeologist and historian, Dr Richard Brunning, explores how the present day landscape of the Somerset Levels was largely created and 'tamed' in the early medieval period after the Roman conquest.

Ageing gracefully - Orthopaedic research lecture: Mon 23 Jun

Professor Michael A Adams from the Centre for Comparative & Clinical Anatomy give the 2014 British Orthopaedic Research Society public lecture titled 'Ageing Gracefully' on campus.

David Miller's inaugural lecture: Disembedded elites? Wed 19 Mar

In this lecture titled 'Disembedded elites? Policy communications and the transformation of elite networks' Professor David Miller will review the main writing on ‘power elites’ in the tradition of ‘power structure research’ and asks what has changed with the advent of neoliberalism.

Inequality puts democracy and climate change at risk

Lecture examining income inequality, the political cost and what social democrats should do about it

Public lecture will look at ways to understand risk

Chair of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Judith Hackitt CBE will give a public lecture on 12 November about helping society to better understand risk.

Public lecture on technology and children's learning

A free public lecture at the University of Bath will explore how technology can help to enhance children’s motivation and learning in the classroom, on Wednesday 23 October.

The best of times, the worst of organisations? - 14 Oct

Professor Michael Woolcock from the World Bank Development Research Group will discuss changes organizations need to make to improve development, in a lecture on Monday 14 October.

Public lecture: Downsizing for fuel efficiency Tuesday 9 April

Dr Chris Brace celebrates his appointment as Chair of the Automobile Division of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers with a public lecture.

Richard Stallman: Copyright vs Community

Dr Richard Stallman, Founder and President of the Free Software Foundation, will be presenting on the subject Copyright vs Community in the East Building Lecture Theatre on Thursday 21 March at 6pm as part of Bath Digital Festival.