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Open banking set to shake up UK financial services

Evolution acceptance in children linked to aptitude, not belief

In contrast to adults, acceptance of evolution in schoolchildren in the UK is linked to their scientific aptitude rather than conflicts with belief systems, say scientists at our Milner Centre for Evolution.

Dirty gold

Wildlife conservation needs effective governance more than GDP or space

Protecting an area for wildlife can work—but only if there is robust political governance. That’s the research conclusion of twenty-three years of bird counting by an international team of researchers, including a scientist from the Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath and published in the journal Nature.

Dogs get the Hollywood treatment to make animal animations more realistic

Researchers are working with Bath Cats and Dogs Home to create a library of movement data from different dog breeds, to make animal animations in films and video games more realistic.

More realistic animal animations

Staff are working with Bath Cats & Dogs Home to create movement data from different dog breeds

Simple water test could prevent crippling bone disease

Researchers from our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and Water Innovation & Research Centre have developed a simple colour-changing test for fluoride levels in water that tell you if the water is safe to drink. They are working with charity The Nasio Trust to develop a test that can be used in remote areas of Africa where high levels of fluoride in the drinking water causes the crippling bone disease fluorosis.

University celebrating art and research

The Edge joined with Arts Council England for an event to look at collaborations between art and research

University celebrates collaboration between art and research

The University's art centre The Edge joined with Arts Council England for a special event on Tuesday 31 October, looking at collaboration between art and research and its success stories.

New PE start-up fund launched

The Public Engagement Unit has launched a brand new funding call to support researchers

BASEM conference ‘bringing us all together’ in Bath

Over the next two days the University plays host to sport, exercise and medicine researchers and practitioners for the BASEM / FSEM Conference 2017.

Latest virtual reality technology makes opera even more magical

Our researchers at CAMERA have used the latest motion capture technology to create an immersive virtual reality (VR) opera experience that is touring venues across England and Wales.

Children visit to learn about evolution

The evolution workshop was held to celebrate the topping out of the new Milner Centre building

Children meet very hungry caterpillars to learn about evolution

More than 60 local children came to the Milner Centre for Evolution to meet creepy crawlies and learn how to use a microscope for an evolution workshop, held in celebration of the topping out of the new building for the Centre.

Dino-killing asteroid sped up bird evolution

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs caused the evolution of birds to speed up, says a study co-authored by Dr Daniel Field at the Milner Centre for Evolution.

Research creates new possibilities to design new materials with strange and exotic properties

Researchers from Physics led by Professor Nigel Wilding in collaboration with the University of Bristol have been investigating the strange properties of 2D crystals, which could in the future lead to the design of new materials.

Employee outsourcing hides slaves in the workforce, shows research

Failure to monitor outsourced recruitment is resulting in companies inadvertently employing victims of modern slavery, according to new research led by our School of Management.

Full immersive cricket experience

Researchers use motion capture tech to create virtual reality cricket game with entertainment company

VR cricket game uses motion capture technology for full immersive experience

Researchers at CAMERA, the University's Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications have worked with entertainment company Stickee using motion capture technology to help create an immersive virtual reality cricket game.

MRSA survival chances predicted

Sequencing the DNA of the MRSA superbug can identify patients most at risk of death