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The Conversation: Dr Justin Rogers on refugee children in UK

Brexit & trade – Maria Garcia (PoLIS) in The Conversation

What the Brexit White Paper says (and doesn't say) about trade

Emma Rich (Health) on how AI could help NHS - Conversation

Dr Emma Rich (Department for Health) talks about how artificial intelligence could provide some respite for the NHS in
The Conversation

Maria Garcia (PoLIS) in podcast about 2016 & 2017: Conversation

Maria Garcia (PoLIS) was invited to take part in the final Anthill podcast of the year, which says goodbye to 2016 and looks ahead to some of the economic and political trends that will influence our lives over the next 12 months.

Where is the 'alt-left' on social media? The Conversation

Dr Phillip Brooker and Professor Julie Barnett (Dept of Psychology) write for The Conversation

Why were there so many dinosaur species?

Dr Nick Longrich (Biology & Biochemistry) writes for The Conversation

Italy’s referendum is anti-establishment not populist triumph

Felia Allum writes for The Conversation on Italy’s crisis following the referendum on constitutional changes.

Health academics in The Conversation on women & obesity

Emma Rich, Annaleise Depper & Jessica Francombe-Webb explain why young women need to be given a louder voice in the obesity debate.

Big Tobacco’s dirty tricks in opposing plain packaging

Dr Jenny Hatchard (Tobacco Control Research Group) writes for The Conversation

Our perception of growing old needs some get up & go

Dr Cassie Phoenix (Health) writes for The Conversation.

Nick Pearce in The Conversation: Hard Brexit, tough times

How England manager’s red card could net a win for future of football

Dr Darragh McGee (Health) writes for The Conversation.

Is Patagonia’s business model is a paragon of virtue?

Avi Shankar, Professor of Consumer Research, (School of Management) has co-written an article for The Conversation.

Four men who will shape the way the EU negotiates Brexit

Dr Susan Milner (PoLIS) has co-authored an article in The Conversation.

Why Labour civil war will run & run despite unity pledge

Professor Charlie Lees writes for The Conversation

Working out how much exercise to do takes more than gadgets

Professor Dylan Thompson (Health) writes for The Conversation.

Twin Syria & Ukraine crises prove the West can't restrain Russia

Professor David Galbreath (PoLIS) writes for The Conversation.

Industrial accidents in Bangladesh: another sign of inequality

Dr Palash Kamruzzaman (PoLIS) writes for The Conversation

Why isn’t there a gene for depression?

Dr Sarah Bailey (Pharmacy & Pharmacology) writes for The Conversation.

Can disabled athletes outcompete able-bodied athletes?

Dr Christian Yates, Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, writes for the Conversation.