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Training in leadership & management: Wed 5 Oct

This course will explore the qualities of an effective manager; leadership styles and their advantages/disadvantages; the role of feedback; planning work, setting objectives and monitoring progress. It is suitable for appointed line managers and those aspiring to a management role.

Building skills to succeed at interview course: 28 Sep

This 3 hour workshop for internal candidates is designed to help you gain essential skills and confidence when applying for internal roles.

SDPR course: Education and Research Staff: 26 Sept

The session will work chronologically through the SDPR process, explaining the aims of the different steps, and discuss some case studies that illustrate the kinds of issues and conversations that may arise.

Mental Health First Aid course, 27-28 September

Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue.

SDPR course: Getting the most out of your review (23 Sep)

This workshop aims to help those who are being reviewed for the first time to understand their role in this 2 way process. During the course delegates will have the opportunity to consider the objectives and benefits of performance review; explore the process and consider what they might wish to do in preparation for their review meeting.

Media training for researchers - TV & radio interviews: 29 Jun

This course will build your confidence in giving radio and TV interviews, and explaining your research to a non-specialist audience in a limited time.

Revised University Anti-Bribery Policy

This policy has recently been reviewed & updated; please complete the online training as necessary

New Staff Development course dates added

Sign up for new training course dates.

New Staff Development course dates added

Sign up for new training course dates.

LITEbox event: Copyright on Tue 26 Apr

Registration now open for the talk on copyright issues, given by the Office of the University Secretary Legal Adviser and local solicitors

Peer evaluation discussion​: Fri 18 Mar

A workshop about the Moodle Workshop facility as used for feedback on essay proposals, and the merits and issues of web-based peer assessment, with a demonstration of WebPA.

Innovation course with research scientists from AstraZeneca

Researchers within the MRC remit have the opportunity to attend an innovation training course jointly developed in conjunction with research scientists from AstraZeneca: 21-23 March 2016

Find out how to maximise the impact of your research: 2 Dec

Impact Pick and Mix: Three sessions back to back. You are welcome to attend all three or dip in and out of if that better suits your needs and availability.

Bookings now open for 2015/16 researcher development

Are you a PGR, a member of research or academic staff and want to further develop your skills in research management, leadership, personal effectiveness, public engagement, influence, dissemination and impact? Sign up for the wide range of free workshops we offer.

Psychology staff convene open source training

Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas, Susanna Martin and Tim Gamble have coordinated three Open Source training courses for staff and students across the University, with funding awarded through the Researcher Development Fund.

Meetings – Effective Committee Servicing: Fri 3 Jul

A training course for administrators, secretaries and any other member of staff who is required to service formal meetings.

Consider new approaches at LITEbox events

New series of LITEbox events to help staff & students to learn, share & develop using new & existing technologies

Invigilators' training: Mon 27 Apr

This course is designed for all those involved in invigilating University of Bath examinations, regardless of experience.

Get accredited: free slots on Computing Basics course

Computing & Online Basics course has afternoon slots available.

Course: Recruiting & employing casual student staff

This session on Monday 9 February 2015 will explain the process from the initial job advert through to selection and appointment of student staff.