Professor Nick Mitchell has teamed up with a Radio 4 listener for cloud spotting at the edge of space

"A pessimist only sees the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides and shrugs; an optimist doesn't see the clouds at all - he's walking on them.” ~ Leonard L Levinson

University Updates

30 April 2010


Internet dating sites need to take cultural differences into account
Online dating sites that are used around the world need to take into account cultural differences, Jeff Gavin from the Department of Psychology has found.

Religious beliefs: do they help or hinder development?
Graham Brown and research officer Regina Lim (Social & Policy Sciences) have been awarded £63,000 to study Pentecostal movements in Malaysia to see how far religious doctrines influence people’s perceptions of other groups in developing countries.

Engineering awarded funds that will help research help the environment
The Faculty of Engineering has been awarded three Knowledge Transfer Account match-funded Partnership Development Awards.

Japan-UK relations strengthened through Royal Society grant
Tony James (Chemistry) and Kazuo Sakurai from the University of Kitakyushu (Faculty of Environmental Engineering) have been been awarded £12,000 by the Royal Society to work together on a two-year project to develop drug delivery systems agents using 1,3-beta-glucans and boronic acid groups as targeting units.


Staff news

Professor teams up with Radio 4 listener for cloud spotting at the edge of space
Nick Mitchell, (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) Director of the University’s Centre for Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, is working with Radio 4 listener John Rowlands as part of a feature on BBC Radio 4's Material World. They are investigating the appearance of noctilucent clouds, a mysterious type of cloud seen only in summer and only at night.

Member of staff receives MBE from the Queen
Cllr Marian McNeir (European Studies & Modern Languages) received an MBE at Windsor Castle on Tuesday 13 April in recognition “for services to the community of Bath”. Marian was presented with her award by the Queen, who remembered her as Mayor of Bath when the Queen visited as part of her Millennium Tour.


Student news

Six Mech-Eng students recognised by Royal Academy of Engineering
Six undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering have received Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards from The Royal Academy of Engineering. A total of 39 awards were made by the Academy this year.

TeamBath Racing gains support from Santander
Students from the University have secured financial support from Santander to help fund their development of the Formula Student car.

Winners of the student employee of the year awards announced
Student Employee of the Year 2010 had more nominations than ever before and Bath had more nominations than any other university participating nationally. The quality of the nominations was so high that the judging panel decided to award a highly commended in each category.

Psychology student wins national placement essay competition
The 2009 ASET Essay Competition has been won by Lucy Armstrong for her essay titled “Does finding your dream career involve flying over 10,000 miles?”. Lucy is studying Psychology and undertook her placement in Macquarie University Anxiety Research Unit, Macqaurie University, Sydney Australia.



Report of University Senate Meeting – 14 April 2010
A number of items were discussed at the recent meeting of University Senate.

School for Health online open week
The School for Health's Online Open Week takes place between the 10-14 May providing potential students with a unique opportunity to explore their virtual learning environment before they apply.

Please keep records of television and radio recordings in May
During May staff members who record television and radio programmes for teaching purposes (whether on campus or off) must keep records of any recordings they make, and send the details to the Audio Visual Unit as part of an annual survey conducted by the Educational Recording Agency (ERA).

Volunteers wanted: Earn £10 for one hour of your time
Researcher David Moore from the School for Health is currently investigating relationships between attention and pain experience. He is offering £10 to all staff and students who volunteer to participate in an experiment which takes no more than two hours and involves computerised reaction time tasks, and a mildly painful heat sensation.

Swap Shop wiki
Does your department need to get rid of something that might be useful to another department? Why not use Purchasing’s Swap Shop wiki to swap it.

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Lectures & seminars

What world do you see? Co-founder of Zopa shares his vision
The co-founder of Zopa, the online marketplace where people lend and borrow money, sidestepping banks, will give a free public lecture at the University of Bath on Tuesday 4 May, in 5W2.3 at 6.30pm.

Public Lecture: The Sunflower and the Rose
A free public lecture at the University of Bath, on Wednesday 5 May, will uncover the hidden meanings of flowers by taking a virtual tour of an art gallery.

Seminar on the Internationalisation of Higher Education
All are welcome to a free seminar on the Internationalisation of Higher Education on Thursday 10 June. The day starts at 10am with coffee and will finish at 4pm.

Public lectures
The programme of free lectures open for staff, students and the general public is available online.

Catch up on any lectures you may have missed.


What's on

Monday 3
19:30 PM BUST - Encore

Tuesday 4
12:15 PM Mid week Eucharist/H C Service
13:15 PM CNM Seminar
18:30 PM The Taysom Lecture: What world do you see?
19:30 PM Darwin and philosophy

Wednesday 5
12:15 PM Equality Impact Assessment workshop
13:15 PM Revision & exam techniques 2
14:15 PM Aptitude Tests (finishs 16.30)
17:15 PM Flower power

Thursday 6
12:15 PM Interview success (ends 14.05)
12:15 PM Strengthening the EU's global role in the area of human rights
13:00 PM Prospects for development finance & international aid
14:15 PM Assessment centre workshop (only 18 places)
18:30 PM Margareta Kern - Guest: Opening & artist's talk
19:30 PM Embryonic maps - 3D imaging in developmental biology
19:30 PM Where plates go
20:00 PM Singularities: Tobias Jacob

Friday 7
19:30 PM Sulis Minerva is watching - mutating Gods of the Roman Pantheon

Saturday 8
12:00 Noon Guardians of China's first emperor




Concerts and Performances: 

BATH UNIVERSITY STUDENT MUSICALS SOCIETY - Encore | ICIA Arts Theatre |  Monday 3 May, 7.30pm
Bath University Student Musicals Society is back with their ever popular, one-night-only review show.

SINGULARITIES - Tobias Jacob | Music Room, University Hall |  Thursday 6 May, 8pm
Roots Union singer Tobias Jacob performs a solo gig with the familiar ground of folk, roots and Americana, transformed with all sorts of original and unexpected influences.


Margareta Kern Guest | ICIA Art Space 1 |   Thursday 6 May - Friday 18 June . Open Monday -Saturday 10am-5pm
Artist Margareta Kern took up  her  Artist residency in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences  from 4 March. The residency is organised by ICIA and is presented as part of  its 2010 programme of events, that explores ‘the place of work’. Whilst in residence, Kern uses Art Space 1 as a site of production for her new installation, Guest, which will develop and change over the course of exhibition. Kern will engage staff and students of the University community to explore, compare and contrast her own artistic methods of enquiry with those used in the sociology of work.

The exhibition opens on 6 May.

Artists Talk | ICIA Art Space 1 | Thursday 6 May, 7pm-8pm, free

Deborah Robinson - Fish - Eye – I | ICIA Art Space 2 |  Thursday  22 April - Friday  11 June. Open Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm. 
Artist-in-residence Deborah Robinson enters the hidden world of the aquatic lab in the University’s Department of Biology & Biochemistry. Catching glimpses of researchers going about their daily work, Robinson captures the strange poetic beauty of this see-through world – from fish, water and tank, to the lens of the camera itself.



Chris Evans visits STV:"The team here at Bath University are amazing"
Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans endured the adrenaline rush of bob skeleton at the University for a breakfast show challenge on Wednesday 28 April.

Netball: TeamBath relishing play off against Surrey Storm
TeamBath head coach Jess Garland expects her team to rise to the occasion when they take on Surrey Storm in Saturday’s (1 May) crunch play-off game.

Bath forced me out of comfort zone but is making me a better swimmer, says Johnson
Paralympic champion Liz Johnson says moving to train at the University of Bath took her out of her comfort zone - making her a better swimmer.