Office of Policy and Planning

Administrative support email lists

Cross-Faculty/School Directors of Administration Undergraduate Managers in each Faculty/School Grad School Managers in each Faculty & Grad Division Staff in Mgt Placement Managers in each Faculty/School Marketing Managers in each Faculty/School Finance Managers in each Faculty/School Faculty/School Assistant Registrars Faculty/School Web Editors Department Coordinators in each Faculty

Faculty of Engineering and Design All administrative support staff in E&D Faculty Student Centre staff in E&D Graduate School staff in E&D Finance office staff in E&D Placements office staff in E&D Marketing staff in E&D Team Leaders in E&D Department based staff in E&D Department

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences All administrative support staff in HSS Undergraduate office staff in HSS Graduate School PGR staff in HSS Graduate School PGT staff in HSS Finance office staff in HSS Placements office staff in HSS Marketing staff in HSS Team Leaders in HSS Department based staff in HSS

Faculty of Science All administrative support staff in Science Undergraduate office staff in Science Graduate School staff in Science Finance office staff in Science Placements office staff in Science Marketing staff in Science Team Leaders in Science Department based staff in Science

School of Management All administrative support staff in Mgt Undergraduate office staff in Mgt Graduate Division PGR staff in Mgt PGT staff in Mgt Finance office staff in Mgt Placements office staff in Mgt Marketing staff in Mgt