Office of Policy and Planning

Management information

The Office of Policy and Planning analyses management information and benchmarking data to evaluate the University’s performance and to inform strategic decision making. Information on data sources is provided below.

HESA data

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) collects data from all higher education institutions annually. The data is provided to government, funding bodies and official statistics produced for use by a range of organisations, including league table compilers. The data is made available via the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions (HEIDI) to which we have a subscription. Data are reported to HESA in a number of discrete returns as shown below. In each of the returns, activity is split between HESA cost centres.

Data collection streams:

  • Student record
  • Staff record
  • Finance record
  • Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE)
  • DLHE longitudinal survey
  • Aggregate offshore record
  • HE business and community interaction survey
  • Estates management record
  • Institution profile record
  • Key information set

The Management Information Group ensures consistency between the returns.

University league tables

There are three main national league tables and various international league tables. League tables are driven by the selection and weighting of various indicators.

Further information on league table methodology and analysis is also available.


UCAS data

  • Annual datasets - The annual datasets provide data on both applications and accepted applicants over a period of nine years. Data are available by Institution, Subject, Age, Region/Domicile, Qualifications and International. Annual reference tables are also provided on selected characteristics
  • Analysis reports - Analysis reports investigate key topics such as demand for higher education or application rates by country, sex, age and background at the end of the cycle. Data files are also provided.
  • Scheduled statistical releases - Statistical releases provide core numbers on applications or acceptances at scheduled points in the current application cycle.


Unistats provides UK higher education comparison data for prospective students.

Internal student data

SREO produce student number statistics.