Office of Policy and Planning

Guiding principles for the student experience at the University of Bath

  1. The University of Bath acknowledges that students play a variety of roles in the University and that all should receive support. These roles include:
    • Learner
    • University Citizen
    • Local Resident
    • Colleague
    • Consumer
    • Scholar
    • Ambassador
  2. Students will be encouraged to fulfil their potential personally, academically and socially. This will be achieved through a mixture of both challenge and support.
  3. Students will be encouraged to take both individual and collective responsibility for their own affairs and to participate fully in the life of the University.
  4. The University aims to develop an inclusive institutional culture that recognises and capitalises on the intellectual and social benefits of having a diverse staff and student community.
  5. The University will encourage students to express their views on all matters relating to their university experience.
  6. The University will provide accurate, consistent and timely information to students about the life and work of the institution.

Approved by Council on 29 November 2007