Office of Policy and Planning

Working Group on Process Improvement

The Working Group on Process Improvement (WGPI) oversees the arrangements for implementing effective process improvement across the University. The Group is chaired by Steve Egan, Vice-President (Implementation), and reports to the Vice-Chancellor’s Group.

Its main activities are to:

  • propose the programme of Process Improvement activities
  • monitor the progress of Process Improvement activities and recommend actions to improve future effectiveness
  • develop organisational capability to deliver process changes and change management activities, for example via training, staff development, lessons learned.

Activities included in the work programme meet the following criteria:

  • Their purpose is to improve processes or systems at a University level
  • They impact on working practices of employees wider than any one department
  • Success requires collaboration between departments (and may ultimately involve a project team of employees from more than one department)

Current projects

Several projects are currently underway to implement improvements in areas such as curriculum management and postgraduate admissions (paperless system), and a review of the staff induction process has begun. In 2016/17 process work led to a new online Hourly Paid Workers process which went live in April 2017.  

Process Champions

The Process Champions Network was launched in March 2017. It currently includes 68 Process Champions from a wide range of departments. The network will provide Process Champions with support and materials so that they can help their areas with process changes.


If you would like to know more about the Working Group on Process Improvement, Process Champions Network or have a process you would like to discuss, please contact

Mark Ricketts
Director of Process Improvement