Office of Policy and Planning

Register of projects

The Working Group on Process Improvement developed an initial register of projects, based on discussions with project managers/sponsors. The register will be developed further as projects develop. Each project included meets all of the following criteria:

  • Its purpose is to improve processes or systems at a University level.
  • It will impact on working practices of employees wider than any one department.
  • Its success requires collaboration between departments (may include a project team comprising of employees from more than one department).

The project stages fit with the University’s Change Management Toolkit.

Stages 1-5 are defined as follows:

  • Stage 1: Rationale / Business Case Preparation / Approval (i.e. why is this plan necessary? What options are there?)
  • Stage 2: Project Plan Preparation / Approval (i.e. what are we going to do?)
  • Stage 3: Project Implementation and Monitoring of Progress
  • Stage 4: Evaluation (i.e. project is ‘live’ and next stage will be to evaluate ‘How did we do?’)
  • Stage 5: Future Plans (i.e. what’s next after the project – note: this will also refer back to the business case identified in Stage 1)