Centre for Pain Research

Children in pain

Bath Centre for Pain Research is invested in child and family pain management. We have a history of clinical and research development in adolescent chronic pain, pain and anxiety processes, evidence based pain management, and in understanding parenting and chronic pain. Members of the centre have developed a number of instruments to measure pain and its impact (measures for pain). We are currently growing and developing our research portfolio in paediatrics. Broadly, in the Centre for Pain we are interested in:

  • how children in pain (both acute and chronic) attempt to cope
  • understanding and synthesising the evidence behind pain management
  • measurement of paediatric pain outcomes
  • e-health technology for paediatric pain
  • the developmental psychology behind paediatric pain
  • parents of children in pain

We collaborate in this area with a number of research partners including those from Seattle Children’s hospital and the University of Washington, the University of Oxford, the University of Ghent and the Pain in Child health collaboration.

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