Centre for Pain Research

Dr Elaine Wainwright


Research Officer

1 west 3.26
Tel: +44 (0)1225

Elaine is currently Research Officer at the Bath Centre for Pain Research, working on attentional processes in pain perception, particularly the Bath Test of Attention to Pain (Bath Tap 1 and 2) projects. These projects are developing a battery of cognitive tasks to test the effects of pain on attention. This battery can subsequently be used to measure analgesic efficacy. The Bath Tap projects are part of a large programme of research identifying which aspects of attention are most affected by pain. Elaine is working on use of this battery in everyday pain settings, such as headache.

Prior to her work at the BCPR, Elaine completed her PhD at the University of Bath, exploring sickness certification for chronic pain patients. Elaine’s MSc in Health Services Research at York included a dissertation on metaphor in healthcare consultations, which developed her interest in the social and personal construction of pain. Before her academic work, Elaine read English at Oxford and taught in secondary schools for some years before a longstanding interest in Psychology led her to complete a BSc with the Open University.

Research Interests

  • How pain disrupts cognitive performance
  • Work, health and wellbeing for chronic pain patients
  • Doctor, patient and employer communication
  • Illness narratives