Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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Staff and contacts

Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
University of Bath
Claverton Down
Bath BA2 7AY
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0) 1225 383782

Admissions enquiries


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Academic staff

Dr Chris Bailey Senior Lecturer 5W 2.49c

Dr Sarah Bailey Senior Lecturer 5W 2.40

Ms Tiffany Barrett Teacher Practitioner

Dr Jon Beresford Teaching Fellow  7W 3.9

Dr Ian Blagbrough Senior Lecturer 5W 3.15

Dr Albert Bolhuis Senior Lecturer in Microbiology 7W 2.10

Dr Lorenzo Caggiano Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry 5W 3.6

Ms Joanna Clarke Teaching Fellow

Dr Sarah Chapman Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice, 5W 3.34

Dr Paul De Bank Senior Lecturer 5W 2.26

Dr BegoƱa Delgado-Charro Senior Lecturer 5W 2.53

Dr Christine Edmead Senior Teaching Fellow 5W 2.24

Mrs Anne Edwards Teaching Fellow 5W 2.35a

Dr Ian Eggleston Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry 5W 3.8

Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics 7W 2.8

Prof Richard Guy Professor of Pharmaceutical Science 7W 3.13

Mr James Groocock Teaching Fellow 5W 2.35

Mr Nick Haddington Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes 5W 3.32

Ms Lyn Hanning Director of Practice-Based Learning 5W 3.29

Mrs Helena Hodges Teacher Practitioner 5W 2.35

Mrs Clare Hughes Teacher-Practitioner 5W 3.29

Professor Stephen Husbands Professor in Medicinal Chemistry 5W 3.25

Dr Matthew Jones Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice 5W 3.19  

Dr Christopher Jacobs Teaching Fellow

Professor Roland Jones Head of Pharmacology and Professor in Neuropharmacology  7W 3.13a

Dr Julie Letchford SeniorTeaching Fellow 5W 4.3a

Prof Mark Lindsay Professor in Molecular Pharmacology 7W 3.14

Dr Matthew Lloyd Senior Lecturer 5W 2.13

Mrs Penelope Lye Teacher Practitioner 5W 2.35

Dr Amanda Mackenzie Lecturer 5W 2.45

Dr Christopher Martin Teaching Fellow 5W 2.53

Dr Anita McGrogan Senior Lecturer 5W 2.42

Prof Neil McHugh Professor 5W 2.52b

Mrs Angela Mitchell Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor (Pharmacy) and Teacher Practitioner 5W 2.35A

Dr Paul Mitchell Senior Teaching Fellow 5W 3.31

Prof Randy Mrsny Professor of Epithelial Biology 5W 3.22

Dr Helen Paine Teaching Fellow

Dr John Pauling Senior Lecturer

Ms Fiona Pietersen Teacher Practitioner 5W 2.35

Dr Charareh Pourzand Senior Lecturer 5W 4.3c

Prof Robert Price Professor 5W 2.27

Mrs Kathleen Pritchard Teaching Fellow 5W 2.35

Dr Giordano Pula Lecturer 7W 3.10

Mr Nigel Robinson Teacher-Practitioner 5W 2.35

Dr Philip Rogers Director of Teaching & Deputy Head of Department 5W 3.42

Victoria Ruszala Teacher Practitioner

Dr Jennifer Scott Lecturer and Department Research Ethics Officer (DREO) 5W 3.26

Dr Sergey Smirnov Senior Lecturer 5W 2.44

Dr Andrea Taylor Director of Studies (AP3T) 5W 3.34

Mr David Taylor Teaching Fellow 5W 2.35

Dr Denise Taylor Senior Lecturer 5W 3.27

Mrs Emma Taylor, Teaching Fellow

Dr William Tillett Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Thompson Senior Lecturer 5W 2.15

Prof Michael Threadgill Professor 5W 3.9

Prof Rex Tyrrell Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences 5W 2.18

Prof Steve Ward Head of Department 5W 3.45 and 7W 3.9

Dr Malcolm Watson Senior Lecturer 5W 2.46

Dr Andrew Watts Lecturer 5W 3.10

Prof Margaret Watson Professor 5W 3.33

Dr Tim Woodman Senior NMR Spectroscopist

Support staff


Mrs Julia Pearce Department Co-ordinator ext: 6086

Ms Edyta Zwolska Department Administrative Assistant ext 3782

Miss Helen Thame Department Co-ordinator ext: 6850


Miss Joanne Arlett Laboratory Assistant

Mrs Joanna Carter Technicial Team Leader (Teaching) ext: 4282

Dr Sarah Cordery Dept Technician ext: 4313

Mr James Crossman Dept Technician ext: 3102

Dr Benjamin Groombridge Teaching & Research Support Technician

Ms Patricia Higgins Laboratory Assistant

Mrs Amanda Jones  Pharmacy Practice Technician

Dr Daniel Lou-Hing Technical Manager

Dr Layla Malt Molecular, Cell & Microbiology Support Technician

Mr Donald Perry Dept Technician ext: 4447

Mr Stephen Phillips Assistant Technician ext: 5364

Mr Christian Rehbein Dept Technician ext: 4056

Ms Edwina Wilkinson Purchasing Technician ext: 3352

Specialist support staff

Keith Brown E-learning and Technology Development Officer 5W 4.3B

Dr Tim Woodman Senior NMR Spectroscopist/Department Chemical Safety Officer 9W NMR

Research staff

Dr Ondrej Baszczynski
Research Associate

Dr Zoe Betteridge
Research Officer

Dr Gerta Cami-Kobeci
Research Officer

Mrs Charlotte Cavill
Research Officer

Dr Rachel Charlton
Research Fellow

Miss Wing-Sin Chiu
Research Associate

Dr Alex Disney
Research Associate

Dr Philip Hamann
Research Associate

Dr Yousif Shamsaldeen
Research Associate

Miss Amelia Jobling
Research Assistant

Dr Giovanna Mencarelli
Research Associate

Dr Amit Nathubhai
Research Officer

Dr Alison Nightingale
Research Fellow

Dr Mehrnoosh Ostovar
Research Associate
Dr Andrea Pensado-Lopez
Research Associate

Dr Olivier Reelfs
Research Officer

Dr Benoit Roux
Research Officer

Dr Yousif Shamsaldeen
Research Associate

Dr Jagdeep Shur
Research Officer

Mrs Julia Snowball
Research Fellow

Dr Joanna Swarbrick
Research Officer

Dr Alistair Taverner
Research Assistant

Dr Dina Vara
Research Assistant

Visiting staff

Monika Ali Khan, Visiting Industrial Research Fellow

Dr Mark Beresford, Visiting Senior Lecturer

Mrs Maria Connolly, Visiting Senior Lecturer

Prof Corinne de Vries Visiting Professor

Dr Wolfgang Dohle Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Ruggero Dondi Visiting Research Fellow

Prof David Heal Visiting Professor

Dr Magdalena Hoppel Visiting Research Fellow 7W 3.13

Prof Christopher Jones, Honorary Professor

Dr Raisa Laaksonen Visiting Lecturer

Prof Banafshe Larijani Visiting Professor

Dr Stephen Moss, Visiting Senior Lecturer

Dr Maria Magdalena Perez Ortiz Visiting Research scientist

Prof Nader Francis, Visiting Professor

Dr Stephen Mills, Visiting Research Fellow

Prof Barry Potter FMedSci, Professor, Head of Medicinal Chemistry 5W 3.3

Dr Andrew Riley

Dr Michael Rowan Visiting Lecturer

Prof Raymond Schinazi Visiting Professor

Dr Raj Sengupta Visiting Senior Lecturer

Dr Tim Sizer Visiting Senior Lecturer

Dr Jane Sutton Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Mark Thomas Visiting Research Fellow

Prof Matt Thomas, Visiting Professor

Dr Michael Tobyn Visiting Senior Lecturer

Dr Isabella Vlisidou, Visiting Research Fellow

Prof Marjorie Weiss, Visiting Professor

Prof Melanie Welham Visiting Professor

Prof John Westwick, Honorary Professor