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Dr Hannah Family


Current research interests

I’m a psychologist with a background in experimental and cognitive psychology with a special interest in health psychology and human factors. Since 2008 I have been researching full-time in the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, as a Research Assistant, and then PhD student applying psychological theory to practice issues in pharmacy. In 2013 I completed my PhD and became a Lecturer in the department, and in 2016 a Research Fellow in the department.

Research interests

I am particularly interested in the design of work and work environments and whether pharmacy tasks and/or the pharmacy environment are supporting or undermining the safety of pharmacy work. I am also interested in pharmacy workload, specifically pharmacists’ and pharmacy support staffs’ subjective assessments of their workload (mental workload). Sub-optimal mental workload is used as an indicator of times when task performance may deteriorate. I am interested in how models of behaviour change from health psychology can inform pharmacists’ work in support medicine adherence and public health interventions. These models could also offer insights into pharmacy teams’ perceptions of safety issues and why barriers may occur when safer modes of working are proposed. I am interested in how the pharmacy skill-mix can be optimised both to support the current pharmacy workload and the development of pharmacy in the future.

External roles

Chair, South West of England branch of the British Psychological Society (November 2013-14).

Chair Elect, South West of England branch of the British Psychological Society (November 2012-13).  


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