Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Dr Helen Paine

Teaching Fellow

5 West 2.35a
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3290


Dr Helen Paine


I qualified as a Pharmacist in 2009 following a split pre-registration position with AstraZeneca and the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS trust. Post-qualification, the majority of my Pharmacy experience has been in the community.

I have always been interested in the design of new medicines and as such, in 2013, I completed a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry where I developed and tested new potential anti-cancer medicines which work through inhibition of the tankyrases; enzymes involved in the regulation of telomere length. Throughout my PhD I was involved in teaching undergraduates here at Bath and having thoroughly enjoyed this experience, went on to complete a formal teaching qualification (PGCE) in 2014. I am particularly interested in how Pharmacy education can be delivered to undergraduates using creative and innovative techniques and approaches.

In my current role as a Part Time Teaching Fellow, I am involved in delivering teaching and assessing pharmacy undergraduates within several areas of the degree programme. I am also responsible for the design of ‘Problem-based learning’ in the new MPharm course and ensuring that Pharmacy Practice and the Science that underpins all of our discipline is seamlessly integrated.


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