Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Jon Beresford

Teaching Fellow
7W 3.9
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Dr Jon Beresford


I returned to the department in November 2015 after a decade spent in primary education devoted to developing children’s critical thinking skills and nurturing their innate curiosity about the world and their immediate surroundings through the development and implementation of a practical based science curriculum. In doing so, I was putting into practice my long held belief that the earlier children are given the opportunity to engage with the scientific process, the more likely they are to pursue the study of science in secondary and tertiary education.

In my earlier incarnation as senior lecturer in the department, I was responsible for the direction and funding of a research group dedicated to understanding the extent to which changes in the cellular dynamics of human bone and marrow were the cause of skeletal diseases (e.g. osteoporosis) in the ageing population, with a specific focus on cells of the osteogenic (bone forming) lineage.

This proved a fruitful avenue of research that led, through our work on the isolation, characterisation and ex-vivo expansion of adult human multipotent marrow stromal cell precursors, led to productive collaborations with groups active in the field of regenerative medicine. Concurrently, I contributed to the undergraduate teaching programme in Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Natural Sciences, supervised a number of postgraduate students, all of whom successfully completed their Ph.D., and helped foster an atmosphere of inclusion, openness, scientific excellence and good humour in the department.

In my current incarnation as teaching fellow, my aim is to apply and further develop my skills as a learning facilitator to the challenge of improving student levels of enthusiasm and engagement with their chosen course through the provision of an appropriately challenging and progressive learning programme that takes account of their changing needs and provides the encouragement and range of experiences necessary for them to become confident, independent and reflective learners.