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Dr Lorenzo Caggiano


Research Interests

The central focus of the group is to achieve the efficient synthesis of biologically active small molecules, using known and new synthetic methodologies.

Basic synthetic steps are often used to make elegant molecules; we wish to establish a programme of research using elegant chemistry to synthesise basic molecules, which have been shown to display potent biological activities.

Structural complexity does not necessarily correlate with biological activity...

Efficient Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules

We are currently investigating the efficient synthesis of simplified analogues of various biologically active compounds as potential therapeutics and have several projects at various stages. Our work in the design and synthesis of novel analogues of natural products obtained from daffodils also features in the University of Bath Research Brochure.

Capture and Functionalisation of CO2

During the course of our investigations, we discovered a new transformation in which CO2 was sequestered from the atmosphere and functionalised. We are investigating the potential of using this transformation to industrial applications.

Novel Prenylation Reactions

We have discovered an efficient procedure for the prenylation of various substituted arenes.

Design and Synthesis of Fluorescent Sensors for Cd2+ and Zn2+

We are currently investigating the potential of some of our compounds as "turn on" fluorescent sensors for Cd2+ and Zn2+, which will find various applications.

Use of Metal Chelates as Molecular Scaffolds

Our interests also include the design and synthesis of metal chelators and their application as molecular scaffolds, generating 3D biological systems. We report the synthesis of a maltol-derived hydrazide and its potential to induce rapid multicellular aggregation of modified cells selectively in the presence of Fe3+ ions.


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