Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology


Teaching Practitioner

5 West 2.35


Mrs Penelope Lye


In my current role as a Part Time Teaching Fellow within the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Department of Bath University, I am involved in delivering teaching and assessing pharmacy undergraduates within the dispensing course. I thoroughly enjoy these sessions and am able to use my experience as a pharmacist within the various sectors of pharmacy to give the students real life examples when explaining the importance of what they are being taught. Providing this teaching also ensures that my practices are current and allows me to keep up to date with best practice and changes within the wider pharmacy arena.


My pharmacy experience is mainly in the hospital sector but I have also worked briefly in community. I have worked in large teaching hospitals in London, at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and am currently working at the BMI Bath Clinic which is a private hospital. I have had varied roles from Medicines Information Pharmacist, Care of the Elderly Pharmacist and Psychiatric Pharmacist.

In my current role, I work directly with the consultants in a multi-disciplinary team optimising patients’ medication. I am also the pharmacy representative on the BMI corporate Resus Group and am Lead Pharmacist for PGDs and Medicines Information for BMI Hospitals countrywide.


I am interested in what motivates people to take their medication and issues surrounding concordance/compliance/adherence. Is it lack of understanding? Is it intentional? Are there physical barriers? What can we do to help as pharmacists?