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Dr Philip Rogers 


Primary Care Computer Systems

The NHS computer network is developing to include primary and secondary care providers as well as decision-making and administrative bodies including local health commissions and the Prescription Pricing Authority. The effect that the NHS network will have on the development of community pharmacy is being investigated. Investigations will examine the effects of electronic prescribing, communication between prescribers and pharmacies, and the pharmacistÂ’s ability to make clinical interventions on a patientÂ’s behalf.

The Use Of Non-Prescription (OTC) Medicines

Over the last decade community pharmacists have been able to provide an increasing number of potent medicines without prescription. Examples sumatriptan for migraine, omeprazole for dyspepsia and topical chloramphenicol for infective conjunctivitis. The utilisation of these products by community pharmacists is being investigated. Studies will be extended to examine the outcome of the use pharmacist-recommended treatment.


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