Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Koç cancer researchers visit Bath

Mon Jul 18 11:17:00 BST 2016

On Tuesday 5 July the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology welcomed three scientists from our international partner, Koç University, Turkey. The three visitors, Professor Mert Erkan, Professor Bengi Gürses and Dr Metin Kurtoğlu are medical oncologists with particular expertise in pancreatic cancer research.

koc-cancer-researchersThe three guests participated in a mini symposium, supported by the Faculty of Science, focusing on the department’s cancer research activities.

The event, co-organised by Dr Ian Eggleston and Professor Randy Mrsny, showcased different aspects of ongoing cancer research and new equipment that is available within the University for cancer-related research.

The Koç scientists presented their research on the early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer along with a series of short talks from members of staff of Pharmacy & Pharmacology.

The meeting highlighted the opportunities for Bath academics to collaborate with Koç’s School of Medicine. There are already research links between the lab of Professor Randy Mrsny and one of the visitors, Professor Erkan.

The meeting sparked a number of interesting discussions about new ways the department can develop common projects with Koç University, especially in the area of cancer research.

In the photo, from left to right: Amit Nathubhai, Ian Eggleston, Metin Kurtoğlu, Mert Erkan, Bengi Gürses, Steve Ward, Randy Mrsny, Andrew Watts, Charareh Pourzand, Matthew Lloyd