Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Kunal Tewari a winner in Faculty heat of Three Minute Thesis

Fri Mar 20 15:44:00 GMT 2015

In the Faculty of Science heat of the Three Minute Thesis competition on Wednesday 18 March, Kunal Tewari was selected to compete at the University finals in June.

The event was of a very high standard, with eight speakers representing Computer Science, Mathematical Science, Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy & Pharmacology. Each speaker had only three minutes to present their PhD research using only one slide and no props.

Kunal Tewari\'s slide on photodynamic therapyKunal presented the basic concepts of photodynamic therapy using emoticons; individually,  light, oxygen and the 'magic bullet' that are used in the lab have no effect, but when brought together these kill cancer cells. One of the striking features of this therapy is that it takes only a few micro-seconds to work.

Using web-like molecules (see image) he created himself, Kunal can deliver multiple units of a drug in a highly selective way.

Both the judges and audience were impressed by Kunal's presentation skills and the quality of research that had been undertaken. He will be joined in the University final by Georgina Gregory from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

Watch Kunal's presentation online.