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PhD student wins prestigious Rheumatology prize

Thu Jun 11 16:06:00 BST 2015

Deepak JadonFinal year PhD student Deepak Jadon won the Royal Society of Medicine’s Eric Bywaters prize last week.

Deepak and the three other finalists presented their research at the Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Section of the Society’s annual Presidential address and prize meeting in London on 3 June.

Deepak commented: “I felt humbled and very honoured to win the Eric Bywaters prize given the excellent and ground-breaking research projects that were presented.”

Deepak’s research involves a musculoskeletal disorder called psoriatic arthritis (PsA), a chronic condition that affects joints, tendons, skin and nails.

He has shown that the number of PsA sufferers with axial PsA, which is often symptomless, is far higher than expected. The disease has severe impact on function and range of movement.

His research will hopefully raise the profile of axial PsA, prompting earlier diagnosis and improved care for patients.