Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Current PhDs

Student Supervisor Project title Project description
ALHALASEH, Lidia Dr Ian Blagbrough Dr John Beeching Phytochemistry of hydroxycoumarins from Manihot esculenta Euphorbiaceae (Cassava)
ALJALAMDEH, Reham Dr Albert Bolhuis Prof Robert Price
ALKHAWAJA, Bayan Dr Andrew Watts Prof Jean Van Den Elsen Novel conjugates of Staphylococcal protein Sbi as potential anti-viral and anti-cancer therapeutic.
ALMANSOUR, Khaled Prof Randy Mrsny Dr Ian Eggleston Design and application of peptides to selectively modulate Myosin Light Chain Phosphatase function
ALMATROUDI, Abdulaziz Dr Julie Letchford Dr Matthew Jones A comparison of the incidence, type and causes of errors in the preparations injectable medicinal products in the pharmacy and word based environments
ALMATROUDI, Abdulrahman Mohammed I Dr Sarah Bailey Dr Chris Bailey Does the combination of buprenorphine/naltrexone have antidepressant efficacy in animal models?
ALNAJADAT, Rami Dr Ian Blagbrough Dr Albert Bolhuis Phytochemistry of natural polyamines and their analogues
ALOTAIBI, Majdah Raji M. Dr Ian Blagbrough Prof Stephen Husbands Impurity profiling of illicit drugs
ALSALEH, Mesa K A Prof Marjorie Weiss Dr Hannah Family Cultural influences on medicines-related decisions in diabetic patients and specialist diabetes GPs in Kuwait
ALSHEIKH ABUBAKER, Aisha Dr Giordano Pula Dr Ian Eggleston Amyloid peptides and the vascular system: the link between cerebrovascular angiopathy and Alzheimer's disease
AMEGBLETOR, Pamela Dr Ian Blagbrough Dr Michael Rowan Hydroxycoumarins in Cassava
AZUBUIKE, Darlington Dr Lorenzo Caggiano Prof Michael Threadgill Efficient syntheses of bioactive natural products and their related analogues
BADOUME, Amel Prof Mark Lindsay Prof Neil Mchugh Characterising the T cell population in psoriatic arthritic: Defining the role of the microbiome
BANSAL, Harsimran Prof Robert Price Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Mechanical relaxation of process induced structural disorder of lactose monohydrate upon particle comminution
BAXEVANIS, Fotios Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Prof Richard Guy Selection and analysis of predictive fed-state gastric biorelevant media
BEIKI, Dana Dr Charareh Pourzand Dr Ian Eggleston Targeting intracellular labile iron for improving the effectiveness of 5-aminolevulinate-based photodynamic therapy of non-melanoma skin cancer
BOYCE, Bashaar Dr William Tillett
CALLUE, Travis Dr Paul De Bank Dr Marianne Ellis Bioactive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
CHAPMAN, Terry Dr Andrew Watts Prof Randy Mrsny Development of methods for in vitro characterisation of therapeutic immuno-conjugates
CHENG, Yanyan Dr Albert Bolhuis Dr Paul De Bank
CLARKE, James Prof Richard Guy Prof Robert Price Quantification of dermal absorption of pesticide residues from treated plant surfaces
CONTRERAS-ROJAS, Luis Prof Richard Guy Dr Begona Delgado-Charro Disposition of nanoparticles following application to the skin
DIAZ DE LEON ORTEGA, Ricardo Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Dr Charareh Pourzand Clinically relevant in vitro dissolution testing
EFFINGER, Angela Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Dr Lorenzo Caggiano Developing in vitro and in silico approaches to predict the impact of Gastrointestinal Disease states on drug product performance
FLOWER, Victoria Prof Stephen Ward Dr Amanda Mackenzie Exploring the inter-relationship between vasculopathy, inflammation and fibrosis in Systemic Sclerosis
FORTUNATO, Tiago Dr Giordano Pula Dr Paul De Bank Endothelial colony forming cells (ECFC's) and biomaterials: a synergy for next generation cardiovascular implants
GUIMARAES SA CORREIA, Mariana Dr Nikoletta Fotaki
HADJICHARALAMBOUS, Marina Prof Mark Lindsay Dr Amanda Mackenzie Characterisation of the role of long non-coding RNAs in the lung and during TGFÃ?1, PDGF and IL-13-induced activation of lung fibroblasts
HAMANN, Philip Prof Neil Mchugh Prof Gavin Shaddick Predictors of response to TNF inhibition in rheumatoid arthritis
HAMPSHIRE, Annabel Dr Ian Eggleston Dr Charareh Pourzand Light-activated caged iron chelators (CICs) for skin photoprotection
HERCOCK, Benjamin Prof Robert Price Dr Paul De Bank Investigation of fluidization and aerosolisation behavior of dry powder inhalers, with the aim of improving control of particle size
HO, Ka Ho Dr Albert Bolhuis Dr Begona Delgado-Charro Film-forming agents as potential barriers to fungal skin infections
HOLLAND, Alexandria Dr Albert Bolhuis Prof Michael Danson Optimising feedstock utilisation by Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius
HOUSHMANDYAR, Sharareh Dr Charareh Pourzand Dr Ian Eggleston Clinical Iron Chelators for Skin Photoprotection
JI, Yuan Dr Malcolm Watson Dr Albert Bolhuis Host response to polymicrobial biofilm infections in the lung.
KENNY, Michael Prof Michael Threadgill Dr Andrew Thompson Refinement of a polymeric system delivering super-potent cytotoxins to prostate tumours.
LALJI, Hasnain Dr Sarah Bailey Dr Chris Bailey Investigating gender differences in the behavioural response to kappa opioid receptor antagonists in mice
LI, Ruiying Prof Randy Mrsny Dr Paul De Bank Development and characterization of polymeric nano-carriers for oral delivery of biopharmaceuticals
LIPANI, Luca Prof Richard Guy Dr Adelina Ilie Noninvasive, transdermal, path-selective and highly specific glucose monitoring.
MA, Qianhan Dr Chris Bailey Dr Sarah Bailey Determining the neurochemical changes caused by stress and drugs of abuse
MACIEL TABOSA, Maria Prof Richard Guy Dr Begona Delgado-Charro Development and validation of a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model for dermal absorption
MARTIR, Joana Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Prof Stephen Husbands Formulation performance in paediatric and geriatric patients ¿ from predictive models to QC tests
MEDINA PERUCHA, Laura Dr Jenny Scott Dr Charlotte Dack Pharmacy-led public health campaign to promote safe sex practices among individuals receiving opioid substitution treatment
MICHAEL, Andreas Dr Andrew Watts Prof Jean Van Den Elsen Development of Staphylococcal immune evasion protein Sbi as a potential therapeutic agent
MONK, Faye Prof Randy Mrsny Prof Richard Guy Development of bio-predictive in vitro release testing for long acting injectables
MUKHALALATI, Banan Dr Andrea Taylor Prof Marjorie Weiss Examining the disconnect between learning theories and educational practices in the PharmD programme at Qatar University: A case study
NAQI, Husain Dr Ian Blagbrough Prof Stephen Husbands Robust analytical methods for the detection of illicit drugs and their cutting agents
NEWTON, Laura Prof Rex Tyrrell Prof Sofia Pascu Mechanistic studies of heme oxygenase 1 regulation: targeting Bach 1 and bioimaging with heme-like near infrared emitting molecular probes
NIKOLETTOS, Ioannis Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Dr Lorenzo Caggiano Predictive models for intra-articular delivery
PALANDRI, Josephine Dr Chris Bailey Prof Sue Wonnacott Motivational memory: role of nicotinic receptors in synaptic plasticity in the prefrontal cortex
PALOUMPI, Evgenia Dr Matthew Jones Prof Margaret Watson Co-Producing a Vision for the Future of Community Pharmacy in England
PHAN, Hilda Dr Begona Delgado-Charro Dr Sergey Gordeev Dermatopharmacokinetics as a tool to characterize the performance of testosterone transdermal formulations
ROBSON, Emma Prof Roland Jones Prof Sue Wonnacott Developmental role of kainate receptors in epileptogenesis
ROUSE, Timothy Prof Robert Price Dr Paul De Bank Designing the Perfect Particle for Dry Powder Inhalers
SADLER, Annelisa Dr Sarah Bailey Dr Paul Mitchell Stress-responsiveness and the effect of antidepressants in juvenile animals
TANSLEY, Sarah Prof Neil Mchugh Prof Stephen Ward The clinical utility of autoantibodies in sub-phenotyping juvenile dermatomyositis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis
VEEREN, Jennifer Cossilah Dr Philip Rogers Dr Andrea Taylor Medicines related admissions to hospital and the impact of post-discharge medication reviews
WICKENS, Robin Dr Amanda Mackenzie Dr Sarah Bailey The Role of Inflammasome Signaling in the Pathology of Depression
WILLIAMS, Matthew Dr Matthew Jones Dr Abbie Jordan Examining the impact of NHS hospital medicines helplines for patients and carers, using mixed methods.
XIE, Bailu Prof Randy Mrsny Prof Stephen Ward Molecular mechanisms of YAP signalling in the context of cancer.
YADAV, Ramesh Dr Jenny Scott Dr Gordon Taylor Community pharmacists' role in preventing drug misuse deaths (DMD's): an investigation into current UK practice
ZARMPI, Panagiota Dr Nikoletta Fotaki Dr Albert Bolhuis Understanding the impact of excipients on dissolution performance
ZENG, Ziyu Dr Ian Blagbrough Dr Michael Rowan Norditerpenoid Alkaloids from Medicinal Plants